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NFL Championship Weekend Picks

I chose a TERRIBLE to time to start LOSING money

Welcome back to the NFL picks that do NOT deserve to be sponsored. There are only THREE games remaining in the season and that is when I chose to have my WORST week of the season, going 0-4 last week. I was NEVER close to WINNING any of my picks last week and that is why I am going to APOLOGIZE to my readers for being TERRIBLE. I do have a SPINZONE though: I went 2-9 in my Playoff picks in 2018, and I am currently 3-5 in 2019, so ALREADY I have IMPROVED year over year. EITHER way, here are my picks for today’s games and who I have going to the Super Bowl.

Divisional Weekend Recap:

Game 1: Chiefs (-5.5) vs Colts: My Pick- Colts, Actual- Chiefs COVER

Game 2: Rams (-7.5) vs Cowboys: My Pick- Cowboys, Actual- Rams COVER

Game 3: Pats (-4.5) vs Chargers: My Pick- Chargers, Actual- Pats COVER

Game 4: Saints (-8.5) vs Eagles: My Pick- Saints, Actual- Saints WIN but do NOT cover

Record for Divisional Weekend: 0-4, Overall record for the 2018 season: 68-44

The games for this week are the Rams at the Saints AND the Pats at the Chiefs.

Game 1: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Los Angeles Rams at the New Orleans Saints (Line- Saints -3.5)

The Rams come into this week as one of the FOUR best teams in the NFL, but they are TERRIBLE against the spread. They played a COMPLETE game last week to BEAT the Cowboys and they did on the GROUND with the running game. These two teams have ALREADY faced each other this season in New Orleans and that game was NOT close, the Rams have to TURN the tides this weekend if they want to go to Atlanta.

The Saints are the BEST team in the NFL, but they did NOT have a good start to the Postseason. They let the Eagles hang around ALL game last week and EASILY could have LOST that game. Look for them to run a TON of GIMMICK plays today and DOMINATE this game with the HOME crowd behind them.

Both teams are GREAT, but the Saints DEMOLISHING the Rams EARLIER this season and the Rams being TERRIBLE against the spread has made this an EASY pick for me. The Saints are just a DIFFERENT team in the Dome. I LOVE the Saints to COVER big in this game.

Game 2: Sunday Evening- The New England Patriots at the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Chiefs -3.5)

Year IN year OUT, when EVERYONE starts to count OUT the Pats, they notch it up to the NEXT level to CRUSH their opponents. I was ONE of those guys that thought they would LOSE to the Chargers last week, but the game was NOT close and they are an UNDERDOG for the FIRST time in FIFTY FOUR games, but that should NOT stop the public from taking them this week.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made it a TRADITION to have a GREAT Regular Season and than have a MELTDOWN in the Playoffs, EVERYONE thought that was going to be the case last week against the Colts, but that game was NEVER in doubt. The Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes look like an ELITE team that is EASILY capable of WINNING tonight and going to the Super Bowl.

EARLIER in the week, the forecast for this game called for NASTY conditions which would have caused an UGLY game, but the weather gods gave MERCY to this game. ANYTIME you get an opportunity to BET on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as UNDERDOGS, you HAVE to take them especially against the Chiefs, who until they prove OTHERWISE, are GUARANTEED to have a MELTDOWN in the Playoffs.

My picks for this weekend are the Saints AND the Pats. There is only ONE game remaining in the season, so come back here next week to get my picks for the BIG game.


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