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Does this look like the face of a man who is going to take the Jets to the PROMISED land?

Gase’s Jets career could NOT have started WORSE

Adam Gase has spent about ONE day in Florham Park and he has ALREADY become a meme for the BACK pages of New York tabloids. MOST New York Jets’ head coaches WAIT till week ONE of their FIRST season to become a meme, but Gase got it OUT of the way on his FIRST day.

I HATED the Gase hire for the Jets. I do NOT think that he is the RIGHT guy to LEAD this team and DEVELOP Sam Darnold, but I had STARTED to hear the OTHER side on him until this press conference. He had a TERRIBLE performance in his FIRST act as the Head Coach of the New York Jets and EVEN THOUGH it can ONLY go UPHILL from this point for the Jets, he is NOT the right guy for the OPTICS of New York.

Gase is NOT someone that is going to WOW you in press conferences, something that FORMER Jets coaches like Rex Ryan FLOURISHED at. IF Jets Nation got to know him in ONE on ONE situations, I think he would FLOURISH, in terms of PR. Right AFTER the press conference, Gase went on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio and the Yes Network and he came off REALLY LIKABLE, so that MIGHT be something that the Jets keep in mind, NEXT time they have him INTERACT with the media.



Getting PAST the pony show that is his eyes and how he is going to be treated by the NY tabloids, I think Adam Gase has made GREAT moves since becoming the head coach. He has PUBLICLY complimented the GREAT players on the roster like Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams and has made a VOW to make this team BETTER for the FIRST ball is kicked off in the 2019-20 season.

The FIRST move that he made in his Jets’ TENURE was HIRING Gregg Williams to be the Head Coach of the Defense. Williams did a GREAT job this PAST season as the INTERIM Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns and he WOULD BE a head coach in this league if NOT for his role in Bountygate with the New Orleans Saints back in 2010.

Williams is ONE of the BEST defensive coaches in the NFL right now and he is going to make that side of the ball EXTREMELY better for the Jets. The Jets have NOT had an offensive minded head coach since the 1990s which is a BIG change for the franchise. The head coach of a NFL team has a TON of duties that are NOT directly involved with gameplanning, having a defensive coordinator that has to ONLY coach the defense is going to help this team.

As SOON as Gase arrived at Florham Park he EVALUATED the coaching staff under Todd Bowles and decided to bring BACK special teams coordinator, Brant Boyer, who has EMERGED as a FAN FAVORITE for Jets Nation.

The work that Boyer did with the Special teams LAST season was OUTSTANDING, in fact the ONLY First Team All-Pro on this team was Kick Returner Andre Roberts. Between Roberts and kicker Jason Myers, Special teams was the BEST unit on the field for the Jets last season and Boyer DESERVED the extension that he received by the Jets.

The FIRST week in Adam Gase’s New York Jets career has been SHAKY, but for the sake of ALL Jets’ fans, we can ONLY pray that it goes UPHILL from this point.


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