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NFL Divisional Weekend Picks

I am going to make SO MUCH money, you are going to get TIRED of making MONEY

Welcome back to the NFL picks which has NEVER been HOTTER. People forget that in the 2017 playoffs I went ABYSMAL 2-9 and this season I am ALREADY 3-1 so I am going to CONTINUE to make you a TON of money this month with the SEVEN remaining games in the season.

Wild Card Weekend Recap-

Game 1: Texans (-1.5) vs Colts: My Pick- Colts, Actual- Colts WIN

Game 2: Cowboys (-3.5) vs Seahawks: My Pick- Seahawks, Actual- Cowboys WIN but do NOT cover

Game 3: Ravens (-3.5) vs Chargers: My Pick- Chargers, Actual- Chargers WIN

Game 4: Bears (-6.5) vs Eagles: My Pick- Bears, Actual- Eagles WIN

Record for Wild Card Weekend- 3-1, Overall record for the 2018 season: 68-40

The games for this week are the Colts at the Chiefs, the Cowboys at the Rams, the Chargers at the Pats, AND the Eagles at the Saints.

Game 1: Saturday LATE Afternoon- The Indianapolis Colts at the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Chiefs -5.5)

Chiefs LOSING in the playoffs is a Tradition UNLIKE any other, and I think it CONTINUES tomorrow. The Chiefs have been STRUGGLING lately and they are MISSING Kareem Hunt while the Colts are the HOTTEST team in the NFL. I think this game is going to be CLOSE but I do think the Colts will PREVAIL and WIN in Arrowhead and be ONE win away from booking a flight to Atlanta.

Game 2: Saturday Night- The Dallas Cowboys at the Los Angeles Rams (Line- Rams -7.5)

The Cowboys look like a TERRIBLE team but here they are in the Divisional round. BOTH teams are really PERPLEXING because the Rams are TERRIBLE against the spread and there is NO way the Cowboys belong in the NFC Championship game. I am going to take the Cowboys in this game to keep it CLOSE but I would ALSO take the Rams with the MONEY line and you CANNOT lose BOTH because I do think the Rams will WIN but will NOT cover the spread.

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- The Los Angeles Chargers at the New England Patriots (Line- Pats -4.5)

I am going to go with my heart in this game, which is NOT a good thing for the TWO readers that are going to read this blog and are looking to MAKE money. The forecast is calling for snow in Foxborough on Sunday and the Chargers are a West Coast team playing in the EARLY window for TWO weeks in a row so you HAVE TO go with the Pats in this game right? At this point LAST season, I was picking the Pats HOPING that they LOSE and they DID end up LOSING in the Super Bowl.

I WANT the NFL to be EMBARRASSED when the SECOND most watched game of the season is played in a Soccer Specific stadium and also I would NOT be hurt to see the Pats LOSE this weekend so I LOVE the Chargers in this game.

Game 4: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Philadelphia Eagles at the New Orleans Saints (Line- Saints -8.5)

The Saints are the BEST team in the NFL and they are going to DESTROY all of their opponents this season EXCEPT for the HOLY Spirit that is Nick Foles. I have been on the WRONG side of Foles’ MAGICAL run for TWO years now and I am going to HOPE that the MAGIC runs in the Big Easy this weekend and the Saints EASILY win over the Eagles and HOST the NFC Championship game against the Rams next week.

My picks for this weekend are the Colts, the Cowboys, the Chargers, AND the Saints. There are only THREE games left in the NFL season after this weekend and I will be picking ALL of them so come back here to make a TON of money.


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