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CONTRARY to recent events, the Jets are the DUMBEST franchise in the NFL

I wish I could be #DONE with this team

The Jets have FINALLY budged and made their decision to LEAD the Jets into their NEXT era. Last week, when they FIRED Todd Bowles, I said that they need an offensive guy to GROOM Sam Darnold and take the Jets to the PROMISED land. So the Jets stay in the AFC East and hire Adam Gase, who was FIRED by the Miami Dolphins on the SAME day as Bowles.

I HATED Gase when he was with the Dolphins because he is NOT a good coach. He is considered an OFFENSIVE guy, but the Dolphins offense has been TRASH in the THREE seasons he was in South Beach. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill REGRESSED under Gase and that is something the Jets CANNOT afford happening to Darnold. I have NO idea why Gase was CHOSEN for this job other than the fact that the people that the Jets DID want, they DID NOT want to come to Florham Park.

At one point or another in the last week, we heard RUMORS about Jim Harbaugh, Mike McCarthy, Jim Caldwell, Kliff Kingsbury, AND Matt Rhule POSSIBLY getting the Jet job but NEITHER of those guys wanted to come to New York to coach the Jets except McCarthy and there are reports out there that the Jets DID NOT want McCarthy either.

Those SAME reports say that McCarthy wanted FULL power on the roster but Cool Mike and the ownership did NOT want to give it to him. McCarthy has WON a Super Bowl which is something the Jets have NOT done in FIFTY years so OFCOURSE they should have given McCarthy ALL the power he wanted.

Matt Rhule was considered a FINALIST for the job but he BACKED OUT because the Jets would NOT let him hire own coordinators that he wanted. Rhule turned around Baylor, a program that was RAVAGED by NCAA VIOLATIONS, so maybe Cool Mike and the ownership should NOT have put their FAT hands in EVERY decision.

HIRING Gase was the WORST possible thing the Jets could have done for this franchise and we all thought that the structure at 1 Jets Drive had CHANGED since Woody Johnson went to London to be an ambassador but it has NOT.

They are STILL the Same OLD Jets that are NEVER going to come out of NFL Purgatory as long as the Johnson family owns the team and they have GMs like Cool Mike who do NOT want to give up power that they do NOT deserve but was given to them by ownership.

This blog is basically the SAME way I felt on draft night when they drafted Sam Darnold and I HATED the pick and I was WRONG at that time. I do NOT think I am going to be WRONG this time around because we have seen Gase perform against the New England Patriots and he has NOT been good against that team up NORTH.

EVEN THOUGH the HIRING is NOT official, Gase has already started looking for his coordinators. There is STRONG belief that he is going to bring his offensive coordinator over from the Dolphins and HIRE former Browns INTERIM head coach, Gregg Williams as the defensive coordinator. If I were Gase and want the fanbase to LIKE me, I would HIRE Josh McCown as the quarterbacks coach and Brant Boyer as the special teams coordinator and I MIGHT give him a FAIR shot going into 2019.

There was a TON of hope surrounding the Jets going into next season surrounding Sam Darnold and his GROWTH and I think the HIRING of Gase is going to STUNT that growth and the Jets WASHED away the GREAT potential that Darnold had by this move.

I HATE this move, but that does NOT mean that I am going to STOP rooting for the Jets. They still have the THIRD pick in the NFL Draft and $100 MILLION in Cap Space so they MIGHT be able to build a roster that can win IN SPITE of Gase.


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