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Exit Interview: 2018 New York Jets

Why am I so EXCITED about the Jets?

Photo by the Associated Press

The New York Jets had an INTERESTING 2018 campaign which saw rookie quarterback Sam Darnold having a GOOD season to START his career and head coach Todd Bowles LOSING his job and the team finished 4-12 to MISS the Playoffs for EIGHT straight seasons.

The 2018 season started in Detroit with Sam Darnold making his NFL DEBUT against the Lions on National TV. There was some EXCITEMENT around the Jets and it went ALL out of the window with the FIRST play of Sam Darnold’s career.

It had been just ONE play in the 2018 season, the Jets and Darnold had their first CROSS ROADS moment of the season. They could either let the Pick-6 CRIPPLE them or build upon it and SUCCEED. Darnold and the Jets chose the LATTER option and CALMED down and went on to have a BIG win in Week One.

People throughout the New York Metro Area were BUZZING after the win over the Lions and in TRUE Jets fashion, the Jets followed that performance up with THREE straight LOSSES to BURY their season. In that LOSING streak, they LOST to the Cleveland Browns who got their FIRST win in almost TWO years and it came against rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield who was the ONLY quarterback picked AHEAD of Darnold.

The Jets returned HOME and the Friendly confines seemed to help the Jets and Darnold as they won TWO games in a row and the fans had started to believe in the team again. The SECOND win of that winning streak came against the Indianapolis Colts, who LOST just ONE game from that point on to go into the Playoffs as the HOTTEST team in the NFL.

ALL the MOMENTUM that the Jets had after the WIN over the Colts was GONE as they went on a SIX game LOSING streak which saw Sam Darnold getting INJURED and missing THREE of those games.

The ONLY goal for this season was to DEVELOP their YOUNG players and with their PRICED possession in Darnold being OUT for THREE games, the HOPES for this season were put on a HALT until Darnold came back in Buffalo and Jets fans FINALLY saw some of the POTENTIAL that Sammy TD’s has.

The Jets had their LAST win of the season in Buffalo and went on to LOSE the last THREE games of the season. HOWEVER Darnold and the other YOUNG players on the team had PROGRESSED immensely towards the END of the season, even in those LOSSES, we saw some signs of the FUTURE from this football team.

The night of the LAST game of the season, the Jets FIRED Todd Bowles, which was INEVITABLE after him having THREE straight LOSING seasons. The Jets are in the market for ANOTHER Head Coach and have been conducting a TON of interviews to find that guy.

Looking BACK on the 2018 season, the offense was TERRIBLE outside of a FEW bright spots from the likes of Sam Darnold, Robby Anderson, Chris Herndon, and Eli McGuire. The offensive playcalling was TERRIBLE by Jeremy Bates and I would be SHOCKED if he is brought BACK for the 2019 season. Bates HURT the progression of the young players on this offense and if he had been more AGGRESSIVE, the Jets might have had a COUPLE of more wins towards the END of the season.

Defensively the team was NOT that good either. Leonard Williams went into this season as one of the ANCHORS of the team and he had a TERRIBLE season. Trumaine Johnson and the other cornerbacks were NOT good this season either. The ONLY bright spot on the defensive side of the ball was Jamaal Adams, who was GREAT this season and he is the BEST player on the team right now.

ALL signs are pointing towards the Jets hiring an offensive minded head coach to DEVELOP Darnold, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for that head coach to hire a GREAT defensive coordinator to lead that UNIT because that side of the ball needs a TON of coaching and IMPROVEMENT going into 2019.

The BEST unit for the Jets this season was the Special Teams. Brant Boyer had his boys ready to go and outside of Adams, the TWO other players on the team that got VOTED into the Pro Bowl were kicker Jason Myers and returner Andre Roberts. Myers was the BEST kicker in the NFL when it came to LONG kicks and Roberts LED the league in return yards. We have NO idea who the next head coach is going to be, but it would be SMART of him to bring back Boyer to lead this unit.

The 2018 season was INTRIGUING for the Jets and they are going in the RIGHT direction for the FUTURE. This offseason, they will have a NEW coaching staff, over $100 MILLION in Cap Space which they can use to get WEAPONS around Darnold like Leveon Bell, and they also have the THIRD pick in the draft which they can use to IMPROVE the team or Trade BACK to acquire MORE assets.

The FUTURE is BRIGHT for the New York Jets, which is a RARITY, but it ALL relies on the RIGHT arm of GREAT haired man from Southern California, LOVE YOU SAMMY.


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