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The Jets lay an EGG in the LAST game of the Todd Bowles’ era

Finally this MISERY is OVER

From Associated Press

2018 has been a DISASTER season for the New York Jets as they have now MISSED the Playoffs for EIGHT straight seasons and THIRD straight LOSING season under head coach Todd Bowles. The ONLY glimmer of HOPE this season has been the EMERGENCE of Sam Darnold as the Jets quarterback of the FUTURE, who did NOT have a GOOD game in his first time facing the New England Patriots. Today also marked the LAST game for Bowles as the Jets head coach as there is going to be an OFFICIAL announcement coming SOON.

The Jets were TERRIBLE today as they LOST the game 38-3 to the Pats, who are setting up for ANOTHER Super Bowl run. Darnold was LOWKEY TRASH today as was the WHOLE team and has SPOILED what was a STRONG last couple of games for the PROGRESSION of Darnold.

This is going to be a BUSY offseason for the Jets as they are in NEED for a NEW head coach but their ISSUES go beyond that as they are in going to get a TOP-THREE draft pick and they have about $100 MILLION in cap space that they are going to use to put some WEAPONS around Darnold and helping him take this team to the PROMISED land.

Todd Bowles started his career with a GREAT start going 10-5 in his first FIFTEEN games including an OVERTIME win over the Pats which put them in PRIME position to make the Postseason in 2015, but since the time the Jets boarded the planes to go to Buffalo in Week 17 of 2015, things have gone SOUTH for the Jets and Todd Bowles. The team has had a HISTORICALLY BAD losing record in the past THREE seasons which culminated with the FIRING of Bowles at the end of the season. I will have MORE on Bowles once the Jets make it official that Bowles is GONE.

Even though, this was the LAST game of the season for the Jets, there is still MORE content coming in the next couple of days which pertains to the Jets. As SOON as the Johnson family and the Jets make it OFFICIAL that Bowles has been LET GO, I will have a BLOG up talking about Bowles’ tenure in Florham Park. The LATE games today still MATTER for the Jets as they pertain to their draft position so I will be DROPPING the EXIT interview of the 2018 Jets in the NEXT couple of days to wrap a BOW on this season.

This season was NOT fun for Jets fans but we can hold our HEADS high knowing that Sammy Touchdowns is the FUTURE for the Jets.


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