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The Jets have OFFICIALLY fired Todd Bowles

This ENDS a GLOOMY era for the Jets

From Associated Press

Well the WORST kept SECRET in the NFL is out now that the Jets have FIRED head coach Todd Bowles after the team went 4-12 in his FOURTH season as the HEAD guy. Since about week TEN of this season, it was INEVITABLE that the Jets were NOT going to bring back Bowles but out of RESPECT for Bowles, they WAITED until they RETURNED to New Jersey following their EMBARRASSING loss to the New England Pats earlier today to FIRE Bowles.

The Bowles’ era for the Jets was NOT good even though the team started out 10-5 in the first FIFTEEN games of his coaching career in 2015, that was followed with a LOSS in the LAST game of the 2015 season and then a PAIR of 5-11 seasons before going 4-12 this season. The ISSUES that this team had back in 2015 were the SAME issues this team had in their LOSS to the Pats today, BACKBREAKING penalties and UNDISCIPLINED players in the locker room.

Even though he was considered a defensive GENIUS before coming to Florham Park in 2015, Bowles’ defenses were NOT that GREAT and partially that BLAME goes to Cool Mike for NOT putting together a GREAT roster for Bowles. The team has REGRESSED in the last FOUR seasons and that has to fall on the head coach even though I do NOT put FULL blame on him, he HAD to go.

Another ISSUE with Bowles during his tenure as the Jets Head Coach was his coaching staff, he had THREE different offensive coordinators in FOUR seasons, they all ran DIFFERENT systems and the offense was NEVER able to BAIL OUT the team in SOME games that might have EXTENDED Bowles’ stay at 1 Jets Drive.

The Jets have NOT had an offensive minded coach since the Rich Kotite years back in the MID 1990s. With the EMERGENCE of rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, all signs are pointing towards the Jets hiring an offensive minded head coach to REPLACE Bowles.

Darnold has shown that he is the Jets quarterback of the FUTURE and now EVERYTHING that the Jets’ Front Office does from here on out is to make the team BETTER around Darnold and they will have a chance to do that with the THIRD overall draft pick in the UPCOMING NFL draft and a $100 MILLION in cap space.

In the statement released by the Jets a FEW minutes ago, they made it CLEAR that general manager Mike Maccagnan aka Cool Mike is going to STAY with the Jets and will LEAD the SEARCH for the next head coach. Back in 2015, the Johnson family had HIRED an advising group to HIRE the general manager AND the head coach so Cool Mike had NO say in hiring Bowles and it was FORCED upon him, which is just a TERRIBLE to run an NFL franchise. HOPEFULLY things will be DIFFERENT this time around.

Cool Mike has NOT been GREAT in his tenure as the Jets’ GM and he has to hit a BUNCH of home runs this offseason or he might have ONE foot OUT Florham Park in the next COUPLE of seasons.

As of me writing this blog, there are FOUR head coach jobs open in the NFL: the Packers, the Browns, the Bucs, AND the Jets. Having Darnold on the roster, a HIGH draft pick, AND a TON of cap space makes the Jets job VERY DESIRABLE and the Jets should be able to get the coach they want to RUN this franchise.

SOME of the names, we have seen floated around the Jets are former Packers coach Mike McCarthy, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, AND Iowa State coach Matt Campbell. Of those names mentioned, the BIG splash is obviously Jim Harbaugh but I do NOT think that he is LEAVING Michigan any time soon but there are OTHER candidates for the Jets that they are going to INTERVIEW in the next couple of weeks.

Someone LOSING their job is NEVER a good thing, but it was time for the Jets to TURN the page on the Bowles’ era and put ALL their hope in Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams as the ANCHORS of the franchise.


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