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LAST week to make that BIG money

This is the FINAL week of the NFL regular season and I come into this week with a BIT of a COLD streak. I am batting 61% on the season but have been TRASH the last TWO weeks. Even though I went 4-3 last week thanks in LARGE part to the Packers, I NEED to finish the regular season strong and that is why I have FIVE picks this week. With only ONE prime time game this week, I am going to pick the Jets, the Sunday Night game and THREE other TOP games as designated by FOX and CBS for this week.

Week SIXTEEN Recap:

Game 1: Titans (-10.5) vs Redskins: My Pick- Redskins, Actual- Titans WIN but did NOT cover

Game 2: Chargers (-4.5) vs Ravens: My Pick- Chargers, Actual- Ravens WIN

Game 3: Jets vs Packers (-2.5): My Pick- Packers, Actual- Packers COVER

Game 4: Cowboys (-7.5) vs Bucs: My Pick- Cowboys, Actual- Cowboys WIN but did NOT cover

Game 5: Saints (-6.5) vs Steelers: My Pick- Saints, Actual- Saints WIN but did NOT cover

Game 6: Seahawks vs Chiefs (-2.5): My Pick- Seahawks, Actual- Seahawks WIN

Game 7: Raiders vs Broncos (-2.5): My Pick- Raiders, Actual- Raiders WIN

Record for Week SIXTEEN: 4-3, Overall record for the 2018 season: 61-38

The games for this week are the Jets at the Pats, the Cowboys at the Giants, the Browns at the Ravens, the Bears at the Vikings, AND the Colts at the Titans.

Game 1: Sunday Afternoon- The New York Jets at the New England Patriots (Line- Pats -13.5)

This pick is SOLELY based on my heart. I NEED the Jets to KEEP losing in order to have a TOP draft pick and that is why I am taking the Pats, but I do think the Jets will keep it CLOSE and MAY cause the UPSET if the Pats have NOTHING to play for.

Game 2: Sunday Afternoon- The Dallas Cowboys at the New York Giants (Line- Giants -6.5)

The Cowboys have NOTHING to play for in this game, they are already IN the playoffs with their seed LOCKED, so they will be RESTING their starters. This game is MEANINGLESS for both teams, BUT the Giants are NOT capable of WINNING a game by a Touchdown so I will take the Cowboys to WIN this game OUTRIGHT because the Giants are TRASH.

Game 3: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Cleveland Browns at the Baltimore Ravens (Line- Ravens -6.5)

The Ravens NEED to WIN this game to get into the Playoffs, so they will be trying HARD in this game, while the Browns who got ELIMINATED last week have checked OUT on this season. I think the Ravens win BIG in this game and MARCH into the Playoffs.

Game 4: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Chicago Bears at the Minnesota Vikings (Line- Vikings -4.5)

The Vikings are in a WIN and IN situation whereas the Bears can POSSIBLY get the FIRST round BYE. This game is going to be PREDICATED on how the Eagles and the Rams are playing in their respective games at the SAME times. IF the Eagles are LOSING and the Rams are WINNING, then this game is going to be MEANINGLESS and going to be decided by a Field Goal or LESS so I am going to take the Bears AGAINST the spread in this game because in my heart I think the 49ers are going to BEAT the Rams thus giving the Jets a BETTER draft pick.

Game 5: Sunday Night- The Indianapolis Colts at the Tennessee Titans (Line- Colts -2.5)

This is THE game of the week, it is WINNER take ALL game as the LOSER of this game will be ELIMINATED from the Playoffs. Ever since the Colts LEFT MetLife Stadium after getting DESTROYED by the Jets , they have been the BEST team in football and I think they go into Tennessee on Sunday Night and come out as the WINNERS and EASILY cover the spread and go to the Playoffs.

My picks for this week are the Pats, the Cowboys, the Ravens, the Bears, AND the Colts. I will be picking EVERY playoff game so come back NEXT week to see my picks for Wild Card Weekend.


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