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Sometimes WINNER have BAD weeks

Welcome back to NFL picks. Last week I went, 3-4, which is my WORST week since Week TEN, when I went 3-3 and the FIRST time that I had a LOSING record since Week SIX when I went 2-4 and only the THIRD losing week of the season. I NEED to get off the SKID around the holidays and make EVERYONE money as the Pats and the Cowboys let me DOWN last week. I have SEVEN picks this week to RETURN to my WINNING form and finish the regular season STRONG.

Week FIFTEEN Recap:

Game 1: Chiefs (-3.5) vs Chargers: My Pick- Chargers, Actual- Chargers WIN

Game 2: Jets vs Texans (-6.5): My Pick- Texans, Actual- Texans COVER

Game 3: Broncos (-2.5) vs Browns: My Pick- Broncos, Actual- Browns WIN

Game 4: Colts (-3.5) vs Cowboys: My Pick- Cowboys, Actual- Colts COVER

Game 5: Steelers vs Pats (-2.5): My Pick- Pats, Actual- Steelers WIN

Game 6: Rams (-11.5) vs Eagles: My Pick- Eagles, Actual- Eagles WIN

Game 7: Panthers vs Saints (-6.5): My Pick- Saints, Actual- Saints WIN but do NOT cover

Record for Week FIFTEEN: 3-4, Overall record for the 2018 season: 57-35

The games for this weekend are the Redskins at the Titans, the Ravens at the Chargers, the Packers at the Jets, the Bucs at the Cowboys, the Steelers at the Saints, the Chiefs at the Seahawks, AND the Broncos at the Raiders.

Game 1: Saturday LATE Afternoon- The Washington Redskins at the Tennessee Titans (Line- Titans -10.5)

NOBODY cares about this game and it is going to be an UGLY game. I believe in Josh Johnson to keep this game CLOSE and it will be decided by a touchdown so I will take the Redskins AGAINST the spread. BOTH games are still ALIVE for the Playoffs so both teams are going to TRY in this game, but it is still going to be UGLY.

Game 2: Saturday Night- The Baltimore Ravens at the Los Angeles Chargers (Line- Chargers -4.5)

With a WIN in this game, the Chargers can OWN the BEST record in the NFL so I think they are going to come out FIRING in this game. The Ravens NEED this game to STAY in the playoff picture but they are TERRIBLE in the passing game and the Chargers are going to CAPITALIZE on that and WIN BIG tomorrow.

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- The Green Bay Packers at the New York Jets (Line- Packers -2.5)

This pick is ONLY from my heart, I want the Jets to LOSE OUT and get a GREAT pick so I am going to take the Packers in this game EVEN THOUGH my HEAD tells me that the Jets are going to WIN this game.

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Dallas Cowboys (Line- Cowboys -7.5)

The Cowboys have to WIN OUT to make the Playoffs and after laying a DUD last week, they need a BIG win to take COMMAND in the NFC playoff picture. The Bucs are TRASH and they are going to get KILLED this weekend.

Game 5: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Pittsburgh Steelers at the New Orleans Saints (Line- Saints -6.5)

The Saints look like the ONLY ELITE team in the NFC and the Steelers are coming off a MONUMENTAL win over the Pats last week and I think are going to SLEEP WALK in this game and the Saints are going to ROLL in this game.

Game 6: Sunday Night- The Kansas City Chiefs at the Seattle Seahawks (Line- Chiefs -2.5)

There is NO way the Chiefs should be FAVORED in this game, the Seahawks are coming off their WORST game of the season, but still control their OWN destiny to the Playoffs and they are going to DOMINATE this game, the Chiefs are LOW key TRASH and they are going to LOSE this week and FALL to the FIVE seed in the AFC Playoff Picture.

Game 7: Monday Night- The Denver Broncos at the Oakland Raiders (Line- Broncos -2.5)

Like the FIRST game of the week, NOBODY is going to WATCH this game and I going to FOLLOW my heart in this game. The Raiders winning will HELP the Jets’ chances to get a GREAT draft pick so I am ROLLING with the Raiders on Christmas Eve.

My picks for this week are the Redskins, the Chargers, the Packers, the Cowboys, the Saints, the Seahawks, AND the Raiders. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE and come back here NEXT week to see if I SNAP the SKID and for my picks for the LAST week of the regular season (that just got me DEPRESSED).


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