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The Jets executed the game plan PERFECTLY on the way to LOSING to the Texans

So much FUN about watching your team doing what is BEST for the future

The New York Jets have been ELIMINATED from Playoff contention TWO weeks ago, the REST of the season is ALL about TANKING for a GREAT draft pick and DEVELOPING rookie quarterback Sam Darnold. On Saturday against the Houston Texans, the Jets did EXACTLY that, Darnold one of his BEST games of the season BUT the Jets still LOST which was DELIGHTFUL.

Jason Myers was the MVP of the game for the Jets, he has been GREAT in the kicking game ALL season long but he was TERRIBLE yesterday and he kept the Jets from WINNING the game and that was BEST performance of the season. Myers has shown to be a WEAPON for this team and it was further SOLIDIFIED yesterday.

There is NO great receiver on the Jets’ roster, but the way Darnold and Robby Anderson have found a CONNECTION, Anderson might turn into a WEAPON with his SPEED and IF he can stay OUT of trouble this offseason, he is going to be a HUGE weapon for the Jets’ SUCCESS next season and beyond.

The defense was GREAT at getting to the quarterback yesterday BUT DeAndre Hopkins and the Texans were BURNING the Jets’ secondary and that kept the Jets from WINNING the game. The Jets play the TWO best quarterbacks in the game right now over the next TWO weeks, so the BAD play by the secondary will CONTINUE to be EXPOSED as the Jets CONTINUE to LOSE.

Next week is the FINAL home game for the Jets as the Green Bay Packers come to town. The Packers could be ELIMINATED from playoff contention LATER today, so that game could be MEANINGLESS for BOTH teams, which is SURPRISING in Week 16 of the season between TWO teams that WON the first THREE Super Bowls.

It was FUN to watch the Jets play yesterday EVEN THOUGH they LOST and I HOPE that that trend CONTINUES next week as the Jets march UP the draft board.


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