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Which other blog is batting .635 on their picks this season?

This is the HOTTEST NFL picks segment on the planet, if NOT for the TIP-IN catch by Amari Cooper, I would be 6-0 last week. The NFL has EXPANDED their National TV schedule with the END of the College Football regular season, there will be TWO Saturday games this week including the Jets in the afternoon so there are SEVEN picks this week.

Week FOURTEEN Recap:

Game 1: Titans (-5.5) vs Jags: My Pick- Titans, Actual- Titans COVER

Game 2: Bills (-3.5) vs Jets: My Pick- Jets, Actual- Jets WIN

Game 3: Chiefs (-6.5) vs Ravens: My Pick- Ravens, Actual- Chiefs WIN but do NOT cover

Game 4: Cowboys (-3.5) vs Eagles: My Pick- Eagles, Actual- Cowboys COVER

Game 5: Bears vs Rams (-3.5): My Pick- Bears, Actual- Bears WIN

Game 6: Seahawks (-3.5) vs Vikings: My Pick- Seahawks, Actual- Seahawks COVER

Record for week FOURTEEN: 5-1. Overall record for the 2018 season: 54-31

The games for this week are the Chargers at the Chiefs, the Texans at the Jets, the Browns at the Broncos, the Cowboys at the Colts, the Pats at the Steelers, the Eagles at the Rams, AND the Saints at the Panthers.

Game 1: Tonight- The Los Angeles Chargers at the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Chiefs -3.5)

This is the GAME of the season in the AFC West and it is going to be the GREAT game tonight. This is the LAST chance for the Chargers to make a push for the division and they will keep this game CLOSE tonight. I am NOT sold on the Chiefs and am going to CONTINUE to pick AGAINST them because it has WORKED for me thus far. I LOVE the Chargers tonight.

Game 2: Saturday LATE Afternoon- The Houston Texans at the New York Jets (Line- Texans -6.5)

The Jets got their BIG hurrah of the season last week against the Bills and there will be TANKING the next THREE weeks hoping for a TOP-5 pick. The Texans SNAPPED their NINE game WINNING streak last week but are on the path to make the Playoffs and I think they will come into New Jersey and DEMOLISH the Jets this week and EASILY COVER.

Game 3: Saturday Night- The Cleveland Browns at the Denver Broncos (Line- Broncos -2.5)

The Broncos and the Browns are BATTLING for the FINAL spot in the AFC Playoff picture. The LOSER of this game will be ELIMINATED while the WINNER while hold on to their LAST breath going into Week 16. The Broncos had a TERRIBLE loss last week against the 49ers and I think they will WIN this week against the Browns to stay ALIVE and they will COVER.

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon- The Dallas Cowboys at the Indianapolis Colts (Line- Colts -3.5)

The Cowboys have EMERGED as an ELITE team in the NFC and they will go into Indianapolis and WIN outright against the Colts.

Game 5: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The New England Patriots at the Pittsburgh Steelers (Line- Pats -2.5)

The Pats NEVER lose in Pittsburgh EVERYONE knows that. (I am getting TIRED of writing this blog as you can tell)

Game 6: Sunday Night- The Philadelphia Eagles at the Los Angeles Rams (Line- Rams -11.5)

The Rams are TERRIBLE against the Spread so I LOVE the Eagles to COVER and LOSE on Sunday Night.

Game 7: Monday Night- The New Orleans Saints at the Carolina Panthers (Line- Saints -6.5)

The Saints are the BEST team in the NFL and they are going to BLOW OUT the Panthers who are about to BLOW UP the Front Office and FIRE everyone.

My picks for this week are the Chargers, the Texans, the Broncos, the Cowboys, the Pats, the Eagles, AND the Saints. Come back here next week to see if I am still HOT.


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