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Sam Darnold waited until week FOURTEEN for his SIGNATURE moment as a rookie and it was DELIGHTFUL.

I made a MISTAKE and fell in LOVE with the Jets again

In years past, right about now, I would be PISSED that the Jets WON their week 14 game and JEOPARDIZED their chances for a HIGH draft pick, BUT seeing Sam Darnold lead the Jets to VICTORY over the Buffalo Bills, I am ECSTATIC right now.

Darnold was making his FIRST start in OVER a month, the expectations were LOW for him for the REST of the season and all he needed to do was show some PROMISE for Jets fans that he is the quarterback of the FUTURE and can SUCCEED in the NFL with a BETTER head coach and play caller. He was SHAKY to start the game but had a STRONG finish to the game and has Jets fan AROUSED going into the last THREE games of the season.

The Jets and the Bills came into this game in a WEIRD spot, it was in the BEST interests for BOTH franchises to LOSE this game, but a WIN would have helped them GALVANIZE the fanbase and show some HOPE for the FUTURE.

Josh Allen and Sam Darnold were TWO of the top THREE quarterbacks taken in the 2018 NFL Draft and this was the FIRST meeting between the TWO signal callers, as BOTH were INJURED when the Bills DEMOLISHED the Jets back in Week 10. These TWO guys are going to be COMPARED side by side for the REST of their NFL careers and Allen had his team going to START the game.

The Bills scored EASILY on their FIRST drive of the game thanks to BIG runs by Allen, including the touchdown run. The Bills were DOMINATING on offense as the Jets defense was doing their USUAL things which is penalties on BIG plays and MISSED tackles. The Bills were leading the game 14-3 in the SECOND quarter and the ONLY thing that was keeping the Jets in the game was their GREAT special teams. Between Jason Myers making LONG field goals and Andre Roberts giving the offense SHORT field position, special teams coordinator Brant Boyer should be brought BACK next season by the NEW coaching staff.

If NOT for the special teams, this game would have been OVER in the first half but they kept the Jets in the game until the OTHER units on the field started to figure it out and that happened when the defense was FORCING turnovers and the offense was CAPITALIZING on SHORT field position. Roberts returned a kick to the SEVEN yard line and the Jets had scored their FIRST offensive touchdown in EIGHT quarters.

After a BONEHEADED return by Roberts to START the second half, the Bills got the ball DEEP inside Jet territory, but the defense STOPPED them and forced them to a Field Goal, Jets were still down by SEVEN at that point.

It looked like the Jets were going to come up SHORT once again as the offense was LACKLUSTER due to PERPLEXING play calling by Jeremy Bates but Sam Darnold STARTED connecting with his FAVORITE weapon, Robby Anderson and the Jets had some LIFE on their sidelines.

The Bills kicked a Field Goal to go up by THREE with LESS than THREE minutes left in the game and it was up to Sam Darnold to have his FIRST game WINNING drive in the NFL. He drove the Jets down the field, including a BIG throw to Robby Anderson the set the Jets up DEEP inside Bills territory for a BIG touchdown.


I JUMPED out of my seat in JOY after that Anderson catch and that has NOT happened to me watching a Jet game since the week ONE win over the Lions and I think that was the case for MOST if not ALL Jets fans.

The Jets needed to punch it in and WIN the game but they were STUFFED on the first THREE plays and went for it on FOURTH down and Eli McGuire caused PANDEMOIUM for EVERY Jets fan out there. For that LAST drive, NO Jets fan wanted them to TANK and they were ALL hoping for a CLUTCH drive led by Darnold and we got that.

The Jets have SNAPPED their SIX game LOSING streak and just for this week, the fans can FOCUS on some wins and NOT the team being AWFUL.

This WIN was BIG for Darnold’s confidence going forward but it does NOT mean that the jobs of Todd Bowles and the ENTIRE coaching staff, MINUS Brant Boyer, are SAFE. The play calling by Jeremy Bates was TERRIBLE again as he NEVER trusted Darnold to make the BIG throw. They have to be LESS conservative on their play calls if they want him to SUCCEED in this league.

This season has been a DISASTER for the Jets but it is NOT a FAILURE if we see PROGRESSION in the games of the young guys like Sam Darnold and Jamaal Adams and today was a step in the RIGHT direction. I still want the Jets to LOSE OUT from here but it was NICE to get a WIN today.

The Jets have a SHORT week as they play on Saturday at Metlife Stadium against the Houston Texans who LOST their FIRST game since week THREE, earlier today and are in PRIME spot to make the Playoffs. I do NOT want the Jets to win ANYMORE games this season but if we get MORE great drives by Sam Darnold than I am FINE with it.


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