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Welcome back to the NFL picks that are making you a TON of money. I am batting SIXTY TWO percent on the season and I am going to CONTINUE to make a TON of picks to make you money. Last week, the Steelers and Saints LOST in games that they would NEVER lose if they are replayed and I went 4-2 as a result, I will bounce BACK big time this week with the TOILET bowl tonight.

Week THIRTEEN Recap:

Game 1: Cowboys vs Saints (-6.5): My Pick- Saints, Actual- Cowboys WIN

Game 2: Falcons (-1.5) vs Ravens: My Pick- Ravens, Actual- Ravens WIN

Game 3: Titans (-7.5) vs Jets: My Pick- Jets, Actual- Titans WIN but do NOT cover

Game 4: Pats (-5.5) vs Vikings: My Pick- Pats, Actual- Pats COVER

Game 5: Steelers (-3.5) vs Chargers: My Pick- Steelers, Actual- Chargers WIN

Game 6: Eagles (-6.5) vs Redskins: My Pick- Eagles, Actual- Eagles COVER

Record for week THIRTEEN: 4-2. Overall record for the 2018 season: 49-30

The games for this week are the Jags at the Titans, the Ravens at the Chiefs, the Jets at the Bills, the Eagles at the Cowboys, the Rams at the Bears, the Vikings at the Seahawks.

Game 1: Tonight- The Jacksonville Jaguars at the Tennessee Titans (Line- Titans -5.5)

This is the annual TOILET bowl that will be the LEAST watched game of the season. I went AGAINST the HOME team on Thursday night last week and LOST so you already know which way I am going this week. I LOVE the Titans to ROLL this week.

Game 2: Sunday Afternoon- The New York Jets at the Buffalo Bills (Line- Bills -3.5)

The New York Jets showed SOME life last week and CHOKED in the FOURTH quarter to CONTINUE to TANK but COVERED the spread. This is the game between two teams that are TRYING to LOSE this game, it is going to be LOW scoring and I am going to take the Jets in this game because it is going to be decided by a Field Goal or LESS.

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- The Baltimore Ravens at the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Chiefs -6.5)

This will be the FIRST week that the Chiefs are AFFECTED by the LOSS of Kareem Hunt against a GOOD team like the Ravens. I think the MAGIC is going to RUN OUT on the Chiefs’ season SOON and it starts this week with the Ravens coming into Kansas City and WINNING the game OUTRIGHT.

Game 4: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Philadelphia Eagles at the Dallas Cowboys (Line- Cowboys -3.5)

The Eagles are BARELY holding on their season and they come into this week looking for a BIG world in Jerry World. The WINNER of this game is going to the playoffs, while the LOSER is sitting on their couches. I think this is going to be a defensive BATTLE and a LOW scoring game so I like the Eagles to WIN this game and keep their season ALIVE.

Game 5: Sunday Night- The Los Angeles Rams at the Chicago Bears (Line- Rams -3.5)

The Rams are TRASH against the spread and they are going to STRUGGLE in the COLD weather this weekend. I like the Bears to WIN this game and take COMMAND in the NFC standings.

Game 6: Monday Night- The Minnesota Vikings at the Seattle Seahawks (Line- Seahawks -3.5)

There is NO way the Vikings are going to Seattle and WIN in December, I CANNOT in good conscience make that pick.

My picks for this week are the Titans, the Jets, the Ravens, the Eagles, the Bears, the Seahawks. There are going to be MORE games this week so come back here to LOSE more money.


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