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The Johnson Family NEEDS to come OUT of HIDING and CLEAN UP the MESS that is the New York Jets

NEVER talk about ANOTHER man’s job UNLESS he is TRASH

The New York Jets 2018 season has been DONE for a LONG time but they were playing to SAVE jobs of the coaching staff and the Front Office, BUT after today’s MELTDOWN, NOBODY on the Jets should be SIGNING a LEASE for the 2019 and BEYOND.

Going into the 2018 season, the Jets were FOCUSED on developing ROOKIE Sam Darnold while getting SOME wins to bring BACK head coach Todd Bowles and OTHERS in the Front Office. Darnold has MISSED three CONSECUTIVE games due to INJURIES and the team is on a SIX game LOSING streak, so there are NO silver linings for this season and that was EVIDENT today in Nashville, where the Jets were up 16-0 at one point in the game but LOST the game 22-19 to the Tennessee Titans.

The REAL issue with this team is the coaching staff and management, they have some BAD players on the roster, but those players are NOT put in the BEST position to WIN by the coaching staff and the Front Office. Let me focus on the Coaching Staff FIRST before TEARING apart the Front Office.

Todd Bowles, NO MATTER how many times he DENIES this, has LOST the locker room and outside of a FEW players, the roster does NOT want to play for him. Since his FIRST year in New York to his FOURTH season at the HELM this year, the ISSUES have been the SAME. The team made BONEHEADED penalties in 2015 and today in the FINAL drive of the game, the defense made MANY boneheaded penalties to EXTEND the drive for the Titans and they were able to WIN the game.

Today was the FIRST time since the Jets’ LAST win over the Colts, that the defense FORCED turnovers thanks to the EARLY Pick-6 by Trumaine Johnson (I am NOT going to EMBED the video because this team does NOT deserve it). Bowles is a defensive minded coach and that is INEXCUSABLE to not even get ONE turnover in FIVE games and outside of Jamal Adams and SPURTS of Darron Lee and Frankie Luvu, this defense has been TRASH this season. Leonard Williams, who was considered the CORNERSTONE of the franchise by many (INCLUDING me) going into the season, has NOT had a sack in SEVEN games and that is ALSO inexcusable by one of the LEADERS on the team. Those are the ISSUES on the defensive side of the ball now lets go the offense.

Jeremy Bates FLAT OUT STINKS as an offensive play caller, he had been OUT of football for FIVE years before the Jets brought him BACK and the game has passed him. His play calls had been TRASH when Darnold was playing and they have been WORSE with McCown at the helm. The KEY players on the offense like Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson and Chris Herndon RARELY get the ball and that is INEXCUSABLE. There were discussions EARLIER this season that Bates would be the IDEAL candidate to REPLACE Bowles as the head coach and that is a TERRIBLE move now. Bates should be FIRED before Bowles and the Jets should go out and sign an offensive WIZARD to GROOM Darnold, because I still think he is the quarterback of the FUTURE for the Jets. Now lets FOCUS on Cool Mike and the Front Office.

Mike McCagnan or as I like to call him Cool Mike (I saw him in a press box once {no big deal} and he just looks like a cool guy), has been TERRIBLE with some of his personnel moves. I think that Josh McCown has done a TON to MENTOR Darnold but paying a THIRTY NINE year old quarterback over $13 MILLION to be the BACK UP in a year when they are trying to WIN is INEXCUSABLE. This is his FOURTH year with the Jets and he has NOT built an offensive line or sign offensive STARS is BEYOND me. I do NOT think that he is going to be FIRED this offseason but he needs to hit HOME RUNS on EVERY move he makes this offseason including the NEW head coach or else his days in Florham Park will ALSO be NUMBERED.

The Special Teams BLOCKED TWO kicks and Jason Myers is the BEST player on the team right now so I am NOT going to TEAR them apart today, but it is NOT a good sign that the BEST unit of the team is the Special teams.

The Jets CONTINUE their ROAD trip next week at Buffalo to take on the Bills, who they are now BATTLING for draft position. The Jets should in NO way WIN next week, which means they are a MORTAL LOCK to WIN and RUIN their chances for a HIGH draft pick.


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