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Who gets the LAST spot in the College Football Playoff?

Better LATE than NEVER, but it is MURKY season

We are now down to the last week of the college football season and there are THREE teams locked up in the College Football Playoff. It is CHAMPIONSHIP week and there are FOUR teams vying for the FINAL spot in the College Football Playoff, below are the teams that are still ALIVE for the College Football Playoff.

Alabama Crimson Tide (Next Game: SEC Championship game vs Georgia) (Record: 12-0)

Baring something UNFORESEEN, Alabama can sleep PEACEFULLY at night knowing that they will be in the Playoff. The Tide will be IN the Playoff as the ONE seed if they WIN on Saturday afternoon and EVEN if they do NOT win, I think they will get in as the FOUR seed because they have been the BEST team in the country all season and ONE loss should NOT keep them OUT of the Playoff.

Clemson Tigers (Next Game: ACC Championship game vs Pittsburgh) (Record: 12-0)

I can basically COPY and PASTE the paragraph about Alabama into here for Clemson. The Tigers have been the SECOND best team in the country all season and though it is going to be HARD for the Tigers to get in with a LOSS this weekend, they are still basically a LOCK for the College Football Playoff at this point.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Next Game: NONE) (Record: 12-0)

The ONLY team that is in CONTENTION for the Playoff that will NOT be playing this weekend is Notre Dame, who do NOT belong to a conference. An ARGUMENT can be made to keep the Fighting Irish OUT of the Playoff due to their WEAK schedule outside of Week 1 against Michigan, they still went UNDEFEATED playing a TON of Power Five teams so they are a LOCK for the Playoff and their status IN the Playoff will NOT be affected by this weekend’s action, maybe their seed MIGHT change.

Georgia Bulldogs (Next Game: SEC Championship game vs Alabama) (Record: 11-1)

The Bulldogs are on the OUTSIDE looking IN to the Playoff even though they are ranked FOURTH in the LAST CFP rankings before Selection Sunday. The scenario is pretty simple for Georgia going into this weekend, BEAT Alabama and they are going to the Playoff, LOSE to Alabama and they will be playing the Peach/Cotton Bowl. The selection committee is made it PRETTY clear through the first FOUR years of the CFP era that they are NOT going to put in TWO-LOSS teams so Georgia HAS to WIN this weekend.

Oklahoma Sooners (Next Game: Big 12 Championship game vs Texas) (Record: 11-1)

The above FOUR teams have a pretty CLEAR path for the Playoff for the OTHER teams that are still ALIVE, the picture is really MURKY starting with the Sooners. After Michigan LOSING this past weekend, it made way for Oklahoma to jump right in the MIDDLE of the Playoff picture after being OUT of it for the MAJORITY of the season. The Sooners will face Texas this weekend for the SECOND time this season, their ONLY loss this season game to the Longhorns. IF Oklahoma BEATS Texas and Alabama and Clemson WIN their games, the Sooners will be IN as the FOUR seed in the Playoff. BEATING Texas will WIPE AWAY the loss earlier in the season, which makes their resume STRONGER than the teams BELOW.

Ohio State Buckeyes (Next Game: Big Ten Title game vs Northwestern) (Record: 11-1)

The Buckeyes SHOOK the Playoff picture UPSIDE down by DESTROYING Michigan this weekend and RETURNED in the THICK of things of the College Football Playoff. Ohio State WAS in the Top FOUR to START this season, before they got their doors BLOWN off by Purdue, but after taking care of business the REST of the way, the Buckeyes are STILL alive going into the LAST week of the season. There will need to be some CHAOS for Ohio State to get IN, because they do NOT have a better resume than ANY of the schools that are ABOVE them in this list. They have to BLOW OUT Northwestern and HOPE that Oklahoma LOSES to Texas and they WILL get into the Playoff. The selection committee says that they ONLY account for football on the field when selecting the teams, BUT the NCAA, the Big Ten, and the CFP committee do NOT want the news cycle for the next FIVE weeks to be about the SCANDALS at Ohio State, so they are going to be HESITANT to pick the Buckeyes to get IN to the Playoff UNLESS if Georgia AND Oklahoma LOSE this weekend.

UCF Knights (Next Game: AAC Championship game vs Memphis) (Record: 11-0)

We have now reached the MURKY CHAOS section of this blog, where I start to DREAM out loud hoping for so much CHAOS that EVERYBODY in the committee’s HEADS start to spin. In the PAST, the selection committee has said that they will NOT put IN a team with TWO losses and IF Georgia, Ohio State, AND Oklahoma LOSE this weekend, the ONLY team that has ONE or LESS losses in the FBS is UCF. The Knights have NOT lost a game in TWO years but they have come as close as SEVEN in the CFP rankings. As a FAN of MURKINESS, I am HOPING that going into the selection show on Sunday, UCF is STILL in the mix for a Playoff spot because that might KILL some fans at TRADITIONAL College Football powerhouses.

Projected Order

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Oklahoma

Dream Scenario

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Notre Dame
  4. UCF

That was a look at the College Football Playoff going into CHAMPIONSHIP weekend, come back here AFTER the teams have been announced on Sunday to get my thoughts on what the selection committee decides.


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