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Thank you to the Patriots for KILLING the Jets’ season one LAST time

NO reason to get my HOPES up ANYMORE

The New York Jets came OFF their BYE week TIED for LAST place in the AFC East and were taking on the division leader, New England Patriots, and the game went EXACTLY how it SHOULD have gone. After putting up a GREAT fight for the MAJORITY of the game, the Jets made BAD decisions on BOTH sides of the ball to END all HOPES of this season being POSITIVE and we are on to TANKING for the 2019 NFL Draft.

This season was SUPPOSED to be about DEVELOPING Sam Darnold, but he has MISSED the last TWO games due to INJURY, so there is NO hope in Florham Park right now. The coaching staff is going to CLEAR the offices at the END of the season, so the next SIX weeks are just about getting Darnold HEALTHY and PROVING that he is the Jets’ quarterback of the FUTURE.

Today, the Jets put up a GREAT fight against the Pats, who have NOT looked like their USUAL self LATELY. The Jets HUNG IN there and HAD chances to POSSIBLY make the game INTERESTING, but they were NEVER about to get that BIG play and LOST the game 27-13, to fall to 3-8 on the season.

The LONE highlight of the game for the Jets was the Jermaine Kearse Touchdown that gave them a 7-0 lead, but then the DEFENSE unraveled and gave up a Touchdown to TIE the game and the Jets NEVER found the END zone again today.

On that drive in which the Pats came back to TIE the game, the Jets had STOPPED them on a THIRD and short in Jet territory AND the Pats were called for an OFFENSIVE penalty. The WISE move would have been to DECLINE the penalty and FORCE the Pats to kick a Field goal, INSTEAD Todd Bowles decided to ACCEPT the penalty and the Pats scored on the NEXT play, killing ALL momentum that the Jets had.

ACCEPTING that penalty is INEXCUSABLE by Bowles, there is NO way you can give Tom Brady and the GREATEST Franchise in NFL history ANOTHER chance on THIRD down because they WILL make you PAY and they did EXACTLY that.

I think Bowles is going to be FIRED at the end of the season, and that moment in the game basically CONFIRMED that, he does NOT care about this season anymore and is trying to TANK.

The Pats did NOT find a GROOVE till the FOURTH quarter but when they did, they scored FOURTEEN straight points to WIN the game and sit pretty ATOP the AFC East.

Josh McCown, who made his SECOND start in place of Darnold was GREAT given his age and the team he went up against, but there is a reason he has played for TEN teams in his SEVENTEEN year career, his GREAT is considered AVERAGE for ELITE quarterbacks. We will see how Darnold’s HEALTH progresses the rest of the week, it might be a McCLOWN show once again next week.

Sitting at 3-8, the Jets are TIED for the THIRD worst record in the NFL, it might be SMART for them to EMBRACE losing games the rest of the way. The Jets go on a TWO game road trip starting with the Tennessee Titans next week, the Jets have been the WORST team in football when they play in the LATE window on Sunday Afternoons, guess what time they are playing next week?

The TANK is ON


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