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Thanksgiving weekend NFL picks

EATING a TON of food and MAKING money is the THEME this Thanksgiving

We have reached Thanksgiving weekend, which means the NFL season is about to get REAL this week. After starting the week 0-2, I won THREE straight to go 3-2 LAST week and sit now FIFTEEN games over .500. Thanksgiving means a TON of Nationally Televised games, so I have EIGHT picks this week.

Week Eleven Recap:

Game 1: Seahawks (-2.5) vs Packers: My Pick- Packers, Actual- Seahawks COVER

Game 2: Jaguars vs Steelers (-4.5): My Pick- Steelers, Actual- Steelers WIN but do NOT cover

Game 3: Saints (-7.5) vs Eagles: My Pick- Saints, Actual- Saints COVER

Game 4: Bears (-2.5) vs Vikings: My Pick- Bears, Actual- Bears COVER

Game 5: Rams (-3.5) vs Chiefs: My Pick- Chiefs, Actual- Rams WIN but do NOT cover

Record for Week ELEVEN: 3-2, Overall record for the 2018 season: 40-25

The games for this week are the Bears at the Lions, the Redskins at the Cowboys, the Falcons at the Saints, the Pats at the Jets, the Seahawks at the Carolina, the Steelers at the Broncos, the Packers at the Vikings, AND the Titans at the Texans.

Game 1: Thursday Afternoon- The Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions (Line- Bears -2.5)

Picking a ROAD team on Thursday afternoon after the team is coming off an EMOTIONAL win on Sunday Night and the quarterback is NOT healthy is NOT smart, but I am going to do it. The Bears DEFENSE is SPECIAL and I think they will help them COVER over the Lions EVEN if Mitchell Trubisky is NOT healthy.

Game 2: Thursday LATE Afternoon- The Washington Redskins at the Dallas Cowboys (Line- Cowboys -7.5)

The Redskins are WITHOUT their quarterback on the road on Thursday, they do NOT have a GREAT defense so I will pick the Cowboys to COVER, because they are at HOME and they NEED to WIN to SAVE the jobs of the coaching staff.

Game 3: Thursday Night- The Atlanta Falcons at the New Orleans Saints (Line- Saints -13.5)

The Saints are the BEST team in the NFL and I am going to RIDE them NO matter the points until they LET me down.

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon- The New England Patriots at the New York Jets (Line- Pats -9.5)

This is the game the Pats RUN UP the score and DESTROY the Jets franchise ONE LAST time. The Jets are in DISARRAY and LOSING the Pats at HOME will be ROCK BOTTOM.

Game 5: Sunday Afternoon- The Seattle Seahawks at the Carolina Panthers (Line- Panthers -3.5)

I am TIRED at this point in the blog, so my BASIC reasoning is, the Seahawks are TRASH in the 1 PM Eastern window and this game is going to KICK OFF at 1 PM Eastern so I am picking the Panthers.

Game 6: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Pittsburgh Steelers at the Denver Broncos (Line- Steelers -2.5)

The Steelers had a MIRACLE win last week and are ROLLING and they will DEMOLISH the Broncos this week and take COMMAND of the AFC North going into December.

Game 7: Sunday Night- The Green Bay Packers at the Minnesota Vikings (Line- Vikings -3.5)

This a DO or DIE game for the Packers, if they LOSE this week, Mike McCarthy will be FIRED and the Packers will be #DONE so they have to WIN this game and I am putting ALL of my eggs in Aaron Rodgers’ basket this week.

Game 8: Monday Night- The Tennessee Titans at the Houston Texans (Line- Texans -4.5)

The Texans are the HOTTEST team in the NFL and they are going to come DOWN to REALITY, but it is NOT going to be this week against the TRASH Titans who were TERRIBLE last week.

My picks for this week are the Bears, the Cowboys, the Saints, the Pats, the Panthers, the Steelers, the Vikings, AND the Texans. ENJOY Thanksgiving weekend and come BACK next week to see my picks.


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