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The BEST pick you make is your NEXT one

Welcome back to the NFL picks which were COLD last week. I went 3-3 in my picks after starting the week 3-1, so NEED to get OFF the SKID tonight and I am taking a BIG risk to SHAKE things up. The Jets are on the BYE this week, so there will only be FIVE picks today.

Week TEN Picks:

Game 1: Steelers (-4.5) vs Panthers: My Pick- Steelers, Actual- Steelers COVER

Game 2: Jets (-7.5) vs Bills: My Pick- Jets, Actual- Bills WIN

Game 3 Bengals vs Saints (-4.5): My Pick- Saints, Actual- Saints COVER

Game 4: Rams (-10.5) vs Seahawks: My Pick- Seahawks, Actual- Rams WIN but do NOT cover

Game 5: Eagles (-6.5) vs Cowboys: My Pick- Eagles, Actual- Cowboys WIN

Game 6: 49ers (-3.5) vs Giants: My Pick- 49ers, Actual- Giants WIN

Record for Week TEN: 3-3, Overall record for the 2018 season: 37-23

The games for this week are the Packers at the Seahawks, the Steelers at the Jags, the Eagles at the Saints, the Vikings at the Bears, AND the Chiefs at the Rams.

Game 1: Tonight- The Green Bay Packers at the Seattle Seahawks (Line- Seahawks -2.5)

The HOME team is UNDEFEATED this season on Thursday nights and I am 7-3 on Thursday nights. I am going AGAINST the stats this week and take the Packers, because I am the NO.1 leader of the Seahawks are TRASH Club so I HAVE to RIDE with the Packers tonight and END the Seahawks’ season.

Game 2: Sunday Afternoon- The Pittsburgh Steelers at the Jacksonville Jaguars (Line- Steelers -4.5)

This is a REMATCH of the AFC Divisional Round LAST season but BOTH teams have gone in OPPOSITE directions since then. The Steelers have been ROLLING and are in CONTENTION for a HOME Playoff game while the Jags’ season is basically OVER if they LOSE on Sunday. I am going to RIDE with Steelers in this game and they CONTINUE to ROLL and POSSIBLY get a First round BYE.

Game 3: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Philadelphia Eagles at the New Orleans Saints (Line- Saints -7.5)

Hand UP, I was WRONG the Eagles this season, I did NOT think that they would have a Super Bowl HANGOVER, but they have looked TRASH this season and the PINNACLE was last week against the Cowboys. Time is RUNNING OUT on the Eagles’ season while the Saints can take ONE more step FORWARD towards being the BEST team in the NFC with a WIN on Sunday. I think this game is going to be CLOSE but I CANNOT pick the Eagles in this game because they have been TRASH this season.

Game 4: Sunday Night- The Minnesota Vikings at the Chicago Bears (Line- Bears -2.5)

This is a BIG test for the Chicago Bears, who come in having the THIRD best record in the NFC, BUT they have NOT won a BIG game this season. This weekend is a BIG game for the Bears and for the Vikings it is a CHANCE to get BACK in thick of things in the NFC North with a WIN. I am going to take the Bears in this game to WIN at HOME because it is TOUGH for an INDOOR team to WIN in FRIGID conditions.

Game 5: Monday Night- The Kansas City Chiefs at the Los Angeles Rams (Line Rams -3.5)

This has potential to be the BEST game of the season and the HIGHEST scoring game in NFL HISTORY. It is going to be a BACK and FORTH game and I do EXPECT the Rams to WIN this game LATE but they are REALLY BAD against the spread so I am going to take the Chiefs and HOPE that the Rams WIN by a FIELD GOAL or LESS. Last week, I said that I would take the Rams MONEY Line and go AGAINST them with the spread but I would NOT take that bet this week because I think the Chiefs could EASILY win this game.

My picks for this week are the Packers, the Steelers, the Saints, the Bears, AND the Chiefs. Check back next week to see if I am HOT again.


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