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The Jets offense turns ON the Jets to DESTROY the Broncos

I am DREAMING about the Playoffs again

From the Associated Press

The New York Jets came into today having lost THREE straight games in EMBARRASING fashion and they NEEDED a WIN today at HOME against the Denver Broncos and they got that with a 34-16 WIN. The offense was responsible for over FIVE HUNDRED yards as it was a record day for the Jets.

BOTH the Jets and the Broncos needed a WIN today and they were DESPERATE. The Broncos scored on their FIRST drive to take a 7-0 lead and then the Jets TOOK OVER the game with a BIG rush by Isaiah Crowell.

That BIG rush PROPELLED Crowell to have 219 yards on the game which is the BEST game in Franchise HISTORY. Between Crowell and Bilal Powell who had 99 rushing yards, the Jets had MORE than THREE HUNDRED yards on the game. With a ROOKIE quarterback, the STRONG running game was only HELPING Sam Darnold and then Robby Anderson decided to join the BIG play party with a BOMB by Sam Darnold.

The Crowell rush and the Anderson catch COMBINED for the FIRST time in Jets HISTORY since 1972 that they had TWO play over 75 yards and the Jets were CRUISING before they got ANOTHER bomb by Darnold to Anderson.

The OFFENSE was FIRING on all cylinders and the defense SHUT DOWN the Broncos after the INITIAL touchdown to keep the game OUT of reach and give the Jets their SECOND win of the season and the FIRST win at HOME for quarterback Sam Darnold, who threw THREE touchdowns and looked GREAT again.

The Broncos scored a LATE touchdown to give Fantasy owners some points and on the LAST play of the game, Marcus Maye took an INTERCEPTION return 103 yards to the ONE yard line as the clock hit ZEROES. It was the LONGEST interception return in Jets HISTORY for Maye who was OUT of gas and has HUFFING and PUFFING to the ONE yard line.

This was a BIG win for the Jets, who needed it DESPERATELY. They played a COMPLETE game and had ALL the parts of the recipe of WINNING with a Rookie quarterback: GOOD running game, GREAT defense, and BIG plays in the passing game after the catch. The Jets have REGAINED some of the MOMENTUM lost over the last THREE weeks and now sit at 2-3 on the season.

This game was the FIRST of a THREE game HOME STAND for the Jets, who will take on the Indianapolis Colts next Sunday. The Jets sit ONE game out of first place and have SOME easy game coming up so OFCOURSE I have started DREAMING again, which is ONLY going to lead to MORE pain for me.


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