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All season long, the New York Yankees were PRESSURED for NOT being able to WIN the AL East and having to play in the Wild Card game with the possibility of being ELIMINATED in THREE hours, they do NOT have to WORRY about that ANYMORE as they DESTROYED the Oakland Athletics tonight in the Wild Card game and will take on the 2018 World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox in the ALDS.

The Yankees started Luis Severino in the game and that was a BOLD decision by the Yankee Front Office because Sevy has been SHAKY over the past THREE months, but he was PHENOMENAL tonight, pitching four NO-HIT innings.

The A’s were going with the Bullpen day approach as their pitching strategy and Aaron Judge THREW that strategy OUT the door in the FIRST inning with a BOMB and Yankee Stadium was ROCKING from then on.

Sevy was DOMINANT tonight and even though he got himself in TROUBLE with walks and BAD defense, he was able to work OUT of it and PRESERVE the 2-0 lead. He left the Bases LOADED in the FOURTH inning and was PULLED after giving up his first TWO hits of the game in the FIFTH.

Aaron Boone was EXCELLENT tonight in his In-game managing and after taking out Sevy, he went with Dellin Betances looking to get OUTS and Betances did just that. He ESCAPED the mess created by Sevy in the FIFTH and SHUT the A’s DOWN in the SIXTH, Betances was awarded the WIN in this game.

Even though Sevy and Betances were GREAT tonight, the Yankee lead was NOT insurmountable and they needed some MORE runs from the offense and they got that in the SIXTH inning. Aaron Judge and Aaron Hicks hit BACK to BACK doubles to add a run and then the A’s PANICKED and put out their BEST card in front of the MIDDLE of the Yankee lineup.

Blake Treinen has been the BEST reliever in baseball this season and the A’s went to him looking to KEEP the game at 3-0, BUT Giancarlo Stanton was NOT phased by Treinen’s stuff and then Luke Voit delievered the DAGGER to the 2018 A’s season.

Voit has been GREAT since coming to the Yankees MID-SEASON and has QUICKLY become one of the FAN-FAVORITE players on the roster, he came around to score on Didi Gregorius Sac Fly to give the Yankees a 6-0 lead at the END of SIX innings.

The Yankees were going to use the SAME approach as the A’s once Sevy was taken OUT, they were going to use a TON of pitchers to get the REMAINING outs but the DOMINANCE of Betances and the BIG hits in the SIXTH made it UNNECESSARY for the Yankees to be AGGRESSIVE with going to the Bullpen.

The A’s scored their FIRST runs of the game in the EIGHTH inning and there was a GLIMMER of HOPE for the A’s but if Voit had NOT killed their season, Giancarlo Stanton, who made his playoff DEBUT tonight, made sure that tonight was the LAST game of the season for the A’s.

Aroldis Chapman came in the NINTH to get the FINAL three outs of the game to give the Yankees a 7-2 WIN and they ADVANCE to the ALDS to take on the 2018 World Series CHAMPIONS, the Boston Red Sox LATER this week.

The Yankee pitching staff showed up tonight and was a KEY factor for the Yankee WIN. Moving forward in the REST of the Postseason, if the pitching staff can pitch like they tonight, than the Yankees have a chance to beat ANYBODY they face.

Aaron Judge started off the Postseason with a BANG and that was the table setter for the rest of the night. His Home Run got the crowd INTO the game and the A’s, who have ONE of the LOWEST attendances in baseball were NOT used to playing in front of RAUCOUS crowd like Yankee Stadium tonight. He also hit a BLOOP double in the SIXTH inning that was the FIRST hit of the inning and ULTIMATELY propelled the offense and they scored FOUR runs in the inning.

When the Yankees traded away Chasen Shreve to the St. Louis Cardinals at the trade deadline, Luke Voit was a MINOR league player that the Yankees got. NOBODY thought he was ever going to make the MAJOR league roster let alone be on the Postseason roster and be one of the STARS in the Postseason. INJURIES and POOR performance of Greg Bird made way for Voit to get a BIGGER role at FIRST base and he CAPITALIZED and he is here now and Bird was NOT even on the roster tonight and barring INJURIES, I do NOT think he is going to play ANOTHER game this season.

Overall this was a POSITIVE game for the Yankees, but the ONLY negative from this game was their defense. The reason why Sevy only went into the FIFTH inning and NOT deeper into the game was because the defense was TERRIBLE and he had to get EXTRA outs. They have to get BETTER if they want to WIN the World Series. Miguel Andujar, who is the AL Rookie of the Year and one of the BEST hitters on the team was PULLED from the game because of defense while the game was STILL 2-0, so Miggy, who had an ERROR tonight, has to be more CAREFUL in the field and NOT cost the Yankees a BIG run.

EVERY Yankee fan was looking ahead to the Red Sox before the Wild Card game even started but now it is OFFICIAL. The BEST rivalry in the sport will be RENEWED on Friday Night in Boston, this is the FIRST time these TWO teams will face each other in the Postseason since the DISASTER of 2004, so it is going to be an INTENSE ALDS. The Red Sox have announced that Chris Sale will be taking the mound for them on Friday Night, the Yankees JUST winning the Wild Card have NOT even thought about announcing a starter so I will have a FULL preview of the ALDS on Friday, but for now ENJOY this WIN.

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