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The Yankees WIN their LAST series of the regular season against the 2018 World Series Champions

The ANXIETY of waiting until Wednesday Night MIGHT kill me

The Yankees had the HONOR of going to Fenway Park to take on the 2018 World Series CHAMPIONS, the Boston Red Sox, and they WON the first TWO games in the series to FINISH the Regular Season with a HUNDRED wins, a feat reached by only THREE teams in baseball this season. In the process of getting a HUNDRED wins, the Yankees CLINCHED Home Field ADVANTAGE for the AL Wild Card game. ALL the FOCUS for the Yankees is on Wednesday Night when they take on the Oakland Athletics in the Wild Card game.

Yankees vs Red Sox Series RECAP:

Game 1- Gary Sanchez had a TERRIBLE season but he is the STARTING catcher in the Yankees for the Postseason so he NEEDED to get going and he did just that on Friday Night.

Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge added Home Runs of their OWN, to help the Yankees get a 11-6 WIN in the FIRST game of the series and with that WIN, the Yankees had CLINCHED Home Field Advantage. ALSO, with the Judge Home Run, the Yankees were ONE away from BREAKING the ALL TIME Team Home Runs in a SINGLE season record.

Game 2- The Yankees did NOT have to wait LONG to BREAK the Home Run record as Gleyber Torres took ADVANTAGE of the Fenway Park dimensions.

Gleyber was batting in the NINTH position in the lineup and with that Home Run, EVERY position in the Yankee batting LINEUP hit TWENTY Home Runs and that is UNHEARD of. The Yankee offense showed up AGAIN and WON the game, 8-5 to give the Yankees their HUNDREDTH win on the season.

Game 3- The LAST game of the Regular Season was MEANINGLESS for BOTH teams, so the Red Sox took the game SERIOUSLY and WON the game 10-2 and now ALL focus for the Yankees moves to Wednesday.

The Yankees have been RAVAGED with INJURIES throughout the season, but they still MANAGED to get HUNDRED wins on the season which is a testament to Aaron Boone and the Yankee Front Office and they also BROKE the Home Run record which stood for almost TWENTY years.

Now all we care about is Wednesday Night when the Oakland Athletics come to town. The two teams SPLIT the season series, 3-3, so the BIGGEST game of the season is the RUBBER game for these two teams. NEITHER team has announced their STARTING pitcher for that game yet, so I will have a PREVIEW of the AL Wild Card game on Wednesday as we will know the rosters and the pitchers for the TWO teams by then.

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