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One team showed up to play today in Jacksonville, and that team was NOT the New York Jets

I need SOMETHING else to do on Sundays now

Going on the road to take on ONE of the BEST teams in football is a DAUNTING task for ANY team, let alone for a team that is starting a ROOKIE quarterback. The New York Jets had a TERRIBLE first half today in Jacksonville and LOST 31-12 to the Jags and now FALL to 1-3 on the season.

We are now thru the first QUARTER of the season for the Jets and the BIGGEST observation I have seen is that they are YOUNG and have been OUT coached in ALL of their LOSSES. Todd Bowles HAS to get BETTER in MOTIVATING the defense because they ONLY show up for about TWO quarters per game this season, defense is the MASTERPIECE of Bowles and he NEEDS to light them up and play better for the REST of the season.

There were a TON of plays today, where the Jags’ receivers were WIDE open and that ended up BITING the Jets and gave them their THIRD loss in a row. The defense WOKE UP in the SECOND half and forced some turnovers and the Jets scored ALL of their points OFF turnovers, so the defense needs MORE stops EARLY in the game to build some RHYTHM for the offense.

The offense was TERRIBLE today, the receivers had a TON of drops in KEY situations and that is UNACCEPTABLE with a ROOKIE quarterback. There was a drive in the SECOND quarter where the Jets were driving but TWO drops in a row forced the Jets to PUNT and KILLED the MOMENTUM.

Sam Darnold was NOT bad today, he made some ROOKIE mistakes but for the FIRST time in his career, he did NOT have an interception and he can build on this game for the FUTURE. The Jags have one of the BEST defenses in football so it was AWESOME to see that Sam was NOT over his head and had some FLASHES of greatness. ALL game he was NOT put in GREAT positions to SUCCEED but he did throw ONE touchdown today and it came in the FOURTH quarter to Jordan Leggett.

Now let’s get down to the MAIN reason why the Jets looked like a DEAD team today and that was the coaching staff. The play calling on offense was TERRIBLE for the THIRD game in a row. Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has been calling PERPLEXING formations and plays that set the offense for FAILURE and that was the case for the THIRD week in a row.

After EVERY game I can basically COPY and PASTE this part of the Jets’ game analysis and that is penalties on BIG plays on BOTH sides of the ball. EVERY time the Jets had a BIG play today, it was called back due to penalty and that is ANOTHER thing that falls on Todd Bowles and he NEEDS to COMMAND the locker room and get BETTER as a team. I have NEVER called for Bowles’ job but if he CONTINUES to NOT have the team under CONTROL, than I think it MIGHT be time for a CHANGE at the Head Coaching position.

The START of this season was a recipe for FAILURE for the Jets with THREE games in ELEVEN days to START the season and the FOURTH game being on the ROAD against a team that SHOULD have gone to the Super Bowl last season. They have played THREE road games, but will RETURN to Metlife Stadium next week for a THREE game Homestand for the Jets. Playoffs are NOT a REALISTIC goal for the Jets, but IF they want to get there, they ALMOST have to WIN next week against the Denver Broncos who are ANOTHER team in the AFC that is going to be JUST outside the playoffs in the AFC.


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