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25 different previews of the weekend series between the Red Sox and the Yankees

Just FAST FORWARD to Wednesday night please

Well it has ALL come down to this, the LAST series of the Regular Season for the New York Yankees and it is taking place at the house of HORRORS, otherwise known as Fenway Park against the Boston Red Sox, who are the BEST team in baseball. This series does NOT matter for EITHER team but there is a CHANCE that these play AGAIN next weekend if the Yankees are LUCKY.

Yankees vs Devil Rays Series Recap:

Game 1- The Yankees went into Tampa Bay looking to LOCK up Home Field ADVANTAGE in the AL Wild Card game and they did something UNIQUE by having a Bullpen day on Monday night. The idea worked out GREAT for them and the FRONT of the order gave the Bullpen some runs to work with and it paid off.

Aaron Judge added ANOTHER RBI late in the game to give the Yankees a 4-1 WIN to edge closer to SECURING Home Field ADVANTAGE.

Game 2- Gary Sanchez has been TERRIBLE this season but he stepped up on Tuesday night and had FOUR RBI’s to CARRY the Yankees and have his BEST game of the season.

The SEVEN run inning gave the Yankees an EASY 9-2 WIN and their MAGIC number to SECURE the AL Wild Card game being at Yankee Stadium was DOWN to TWO.

Game 3- The Yankee offense scored THREE runs but Masahiro Tanaka, who was SLATED to pitch the Wild Card game was NOT good on Wednesday night and got the LOSS. The game was close, 4-3 into the EIGHTH inning before David Robertson gave up FIVE runs and that ENDED the game for the Yankees. The offense came back to score FOUR runs in the NINTH but that was NOT enough, so they LOST the game 8-7.

Game 4- Tropicana Field has been a DUMP for the Yankees ALL season and they were playing their LAST game of the season there yesterday and Miguel Andujar got them OFF to an EARLY start and SECURING the AL Rookie of the Year CROWN.

Giancarlo Stanton hit TWO Home Runs and the Yankees TRIMMED their MAGIC number down to ONE with a 12-1 WIN yesterday. The highlight of the game was CC Sabathia standing up for Austin Romine while giving away $500K.

The Devil Rays threw NEAR the head of Austin Romine and to REVENGE that, CC threw at the FIRST batter he faced and was EJECTED, which was GREAT for team morale. ONLY part that STUNK was that CC had a clause in his contract, IF he had pitched SEVEN innings yesterday he would have gotten a $500K bonus, but he was EJECTED in the FIFTH inning and was CRUISING with a LOW pitch count. The Yankees MIGHT let him pitch TWO innings this weekend or just give him the BONUS for RALLYING the team.

Based on how the games played out this weekend, the AL Wild Card game is PROBABLY going to be played at Yankee Stadium. The NEXT time the Yankees WIN a game OR the Oakland Athletics LOSE a game, the REST of the Regular Season becomes MEANINGLESS for BOTH teams until Wednesday.

Aaron Boone dropped a BOMBSHELL on Sunday that Didi Gregorius had BROKE his wrist but LUCKILY for the Yankees, he has recovered GREAT and is going to play in a game this weekend before suiting up for the Wild Card game on Wednesday night. With Didi coming BACK, the Yankees are FULLY Healthy for the Wild Card game and are going to be the FAVORITES in that game.

With Home Field being basically CLINCHED for the Yankees, the NEXT step is FIGURING out who will start that Wild Card game. The THREE pitchers in contention are J.A. Happ, Luis Severino, and Masahiro Tanaka, all signs are pointing towards Happ being the starter so the Yankees’ season comes down to an arm of a pitcher that was NOT even on the team until LATE July.

This weekend when the Yankees and the Red Sox play each other in Fenway Park, the series is basically MEANINGLESS. The Red Sox have the BEST record in baseball so they are getting ready for the ALDS while the Yankees are getting ready for the Wild Card game. IF the Yankees WIN the Wild Card game, they will RETURN to Fenway Park to START the ALDS next Friday, so they CANNOT just MAIL IN this series.

Yankees vs Red Sox Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- J.A. Happ vs Brian Johnson

Game 2: Saturday Afternoon- Lance Lynn vs Nathan Eovaldi

Game 3: Sunday LATE Afternoon- Luis Severino vs Rick Porcello

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