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Week FOUR NFL picks

I have some WINNERS for everyone

Welcome back to the NFL picks presented by NOBODY. I am RIGHT more often than I am WRONG so you can some money betting my picks. Last week, I went 3-2 in my picks and SHOULD have won the other TWO games if not for the Pats STINKING and the Browns winning their FIRST game in almost TWO years. This week, the Jets are NOT on National Television, so we are back to SIX picks on the week and they are below after a RECAP of last week.

Week THREE Recap:

Game 1: Browns (-3.5) vs Jets: My Pick- Jets, Actual- Browns COVER

Game 2: Vikings (-16.5) vs Bills: My Pick- Bills, Actual- Bills WIN

Game 3: Seahawks (-2.5) vs Cowboys: My Pick- Seahawks, Actual- Seahawks COVER

Game 4: Lions vs Pats (-6.5): My Pick- Pats, Actual- Lions WIN

Game 5: Bucs vs Steelers (-1.5): My Pick- Steelers, Actual- Steelers COVER

Record for Week THREE: 3-2, OVERALL record for the 2018 season: 10-7

The games for this week are the Vikings at the Rams, the Jets at the Jags, the Lions at the Cowboys, the Saints at the Giants, the Ravens at the Steelers, the Chiefs at the Broncos.

Game 1: Tonight- The Minnesota Vikings at the Los Angeles Rams (Line- Rams -7.5)

The Vikings had the WORST performance of ANY time last week, they got DEMOLISHED at home by a WINLESS Buffalo Bills team, who was a SEVENTEEN point UNDERDOG going into the game. The Vikings have to SHOW up tonight or else their season might go into a TAILSPIN, DESPERATE for a WIN, they are playing the BEST team in the NFL, which is a recipe for DISASTER.

The Rams have DESTROYED their opponents at HOME this season and that is going to CONTINUE this week, I think they are going to COVER this game EASILY and move to 4-0 on the season.

Game 2: Sunday Afternoon- The New York Jets at the Jacksonville Jaguars (Line- Jags -7.5)

The Jets got their hearts RIPPED out in the last TWO minutes against Cleveland last week and like the Vikings, their season can go into a TAILSPIN if they are NOT able to get the win this season. The Vikings are playing the BEST team in the NFL this week while the Jets are playing the BEST team in the AFC on the ROAD this week so it is going to be a LONG day for Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold in Duval.

The Jags are coming from an UGLY loss against the Tennessee Titans in a game where the ONLY scores came from FIVE field goals, they are going to want to get off the SKID this week and they will DESTROY the Jets and their AWFUL offensive line and COVER this line EASILY.

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- The Detroit Lions at the Dallas Cowboys (Line- Cowboys -3.5)

The Lions were in a TAILSPIN but showed some life last week BEATING the Pats at home last week, and have some MOMENTUM on their side. They are the BETTER team then the Cowboys and we will see that on Sunday.

The Cowboys have been TERRIBLE this season, their ONLY win on the season came against a Giants team that has ALSO been LACKLUSTER. They have NO momentum and I think they are going to STRUGGLE to WIN this season and there is NO way they can WIN a game by more than a Field Goal so I LOVE the Lions in this game.

Game 4: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The New Orleans Saints at the New York Giants (Line- Saints -3.5)

The Saints should be 0-3 if NOT for TWO wins LATE in the FOURTH quarter or OVERTIME, but regardless WINS are WINS and they have TWO of them while the Giants have ONE against one of the WORST teams in the NFL. I think the Saints are a FRINGE Playoff team but they have NOT played like that this season, they HAVE to show a PULSE and BLOW out a team and I think that is going to happen this week and they are going to BEAT a BAD Giants team in the Meadowlands.

Game 5: Sunday Night- The Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers (Line- Steelers -3.5)

The Steelers were COASTING with a BLOWOUT win last week but then Fitzmagic happened and the game became close, LUCKILY the Steelers WON the game and COVERED to get their FIRST win of the season and now the Baltimore Ravens come to town to RENEW the ONE of the BEST rivalries in the sport and it is also a battle between TWO teams hoping to make the Playoffs this season. The Ravens have looked GOOD this season but this game is about the Steelers who are still DESPERATE to get some WINS under their belt and keep PACE with the Ravens in the AFC North standings. I think the Steelers get ANOTHER win this week as they are REALLY desperate to EXCEED their LOFTY expectations from the preseason.

Game 6: Monday Night- The Kansas City Chiefs vs the Denver Broncos (Line- Chiefs -4.5)

I was WRONG to NOT buy into the Patrick Mahomes bandwagon early on but I am now all the way IN and I think they are going to BLOW OUT the Broncos this week and go 4-0 on the season.

My picks for this week are the Rams, the Jags, the Lions, the Saints, the Steelers, the Chiefs. It is EXTREMELY LAZY to pick ALL but one FAVORITES but this week’s MARQUEE games STINK out loud so have to go with the FAVORITES in ALMOST all of them, check back next week to see how I do.


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