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22 different previews of the Rays between the Yankees

Keeping the PANIC button close again

The New York Yankees are going to the playoffs for the SECOND season in a row and now they NEED to make sure that the Wild Card game is at Yankee Stadium. They MIGHT be MISSING a MAJOR piece on their roster as they get ready for the Postseason and CLOSE OUT the season STRONG.

Yankees vs Orioles Series Recap:

Game 1- Didi Gregorius is an IMPORTANT piece for the Yankees and he got the BIG hit on Friday night and the Yankees jumped out to a 6-0 lead. This home run was NOT the only BIG news regarding Didi this weekend.

The Yankees bullpen made things INTERESTING but they got the 10-8 WIN and at the time were ONE game away from CLINCHING a Postseason berth.

Game 2- The Yankee offense took a lead EARLY again but they went COLD and the game was TIED at TWO until Aaron Hicks became a HERO and TOOK the Yankees to the Postseason.

That play took the Yankees took the Postseason but their SUCCESS in the Postseason was JEOPARDIZED on that play due to Didi Gregorius scoring the Game WINNING run, but more on that LATER.

Game 3- The offense gave the 3-0 lead and then the Yankees RESTED their FRONT end of the Bullpen and A.J. Cole CHOKED and the Yankees LOST the game and could NOT get the SWEEP.

Getting back to the Game WINNING run on Saturday, Manager Aaron Boone announced that Didi BROKE his wrist while SCORING the run. He is going through some tests and the team is UNSURE if he can play in the Postseason. Didi is a HUGE piece for this team and they NEED him on the Postseason roster, because WITHOUT him the Yankees do NOT go to Game SEVEN of the ALCS last season.

It was OFFICIAL on Saturday that the Yankees are playoff bound and they CELEBRATED for a COUPLE of minutes before getting back on their horses and trying to SECURE Home Field ADVANTAGE in the AL Wild Card game. They are currently TWO games ahead of the Oakland Athletics in the standings with SEVEN games remaining for the Yankees and SIX remaining for the A’s, so there is NO need to take the foot OFF the pedal just yet.

The Yankees NEED to KEEP winning in order to get the Wild Card game in the Bronx but that is going to be tough with them facing TWO of the SIX best teams in the American League over their next SEVEN games and that stretch starts tonight in Tampa Bay against the Devil Rays who are still mathematically ALIVE for the postseason tonight.

The Devil Rays can be ELIMINATED from the Postseason chase with a LOSS tonight so they are going AGRESSIVE with their lineup while the Yankees are trying to WIN but keep everyone HEALTHY and that is why they are having a Bullpen day today starting with Jonathan Holder. BOTH teams are going to see how tonight’s game in Tampa Bay and the game in Seattle between the Mariners and the A’s plays out before making a DECISION on the starters for the REMAINDER of this series.

Yankees vs Devil Rays Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Jonathan Holder vs Diego Castillo

Game 2: Tuesday Night- TBD vs TBD

Game 3: Wednesday Night- TBD vs TBD

Game 4: Thursday Night- TBD vs TBD

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