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The Jets season is officially OVER

This is my WORST nightmare come alive

It looked like the Jets were going to RUN AWAY with their SECOND win of the season, but instead the HORRIBLE luck for the Jets, they BLEW the game. The Cleveland Browns have NOT won a game in like TWO years and they were down FOURTEEN points in the SECOND quarter but the Jets with their HORRIBLE luck started a NEW era in Cleveland and send their fans into a HEART ATTACK.

The Jets and the Browns are the WORST teams in football over the past TWO decades and BOTH teams considered tonight a BIG game and more the MAJORITY of the first TWO quarters of the game, it looked like the Jets had the game LOCKED up and the MOMENTUM on their side and then they INJURED Tyrod Taylor who was TRASH and that TURNED the page in this game.

I LOVED Baker Mayfield in college and wanted the Jets to trade UP and get him, heck I do not think I have ever mentioned this on here but I DM’d the Jets Twitter account EVERYDAY from the Rose Bowl game till the draft day BEGGING them to draft Mayfield and tonight he took a BIG dagger and put it right through my chest.

The Browns came back from the DEAD and OUTSCORED the Jets 21-3 from the Mayfield came into the game and WON their first game in over TWO seasons. It is PANDEMONIUM in the streets of Cleveland and EVERYONE but Jets fans are CELEBRATING tonight.

There were NO positives from this game. The Defense was TERRIBLE and TIRED in the second half. The Receivers were terrible and a Fumble by Robby Anderson helped TURN this game around in the THIRD quarter. There were a TON of penalties and I feel like ALL of them came on third downs and BROKE the defense’s back. The playcalling was TERRIBLE and Sam Darnold was NOT good tonight.

There is NO silver lining from this game other than the fact that Isiah Crowell got TWO Touchdowns in his FIRST game back in Cleveland but other than that this is a DISASTER, no other way to put it.

Going into the season, the Jets had LOW expectations but after a GREAT Week 1, the expectations being LOFTY and they come DOWN to earth over the last FIVE days. This season is about GROOMING the young Sam Darnold and other players on the roster, so it will be interesting to see how the Jets handle the next TEN days and REACT from this game against the Jacksonville Jags next weekend, who many consider to be the BEST team in football.

PS: This is not good. Leo needs to wake up

#OnToJacksonville #IwanttoDIE


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