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Week THREE NFL picks

HOTTEST man in the planet has turned into the COLDEST man on the planet

Welcome to the NFL picks where I am now the WORST gambler on the planet. I was the HOTTEST gambler on the planet week one, going UNDEFEATED, but was TERRIBLE last week and now just TWO games OVER .500. This week is the FIRST time that I can LEGALLY bet on sports in New Jersey, so maybe the gambling luck TURNS in my favor for the REST of my gambling career.

Week 2 Recap:

Game 1: Bengals vs Ravens (Pick Em): My Pick- Ravens, Actual- Bengals WIN

Game 2: Jets (-3.5) vs Dolphins: My Pick- Jets, Actual- Dolphins WIN

Game 3: Packers (-2.5) vs Vikings: My Pick- Packers, Actual- Game was TIED, so Vikings WIN against the Spread

Game 4: Jags vs Pats (Pick Em): My Pick- Pats, Actual- Jags WIN

Game 5: Cowboys (-2.5) vs Giants: My Pick- Giants, Actual- Cowboys WIN

Game 6: Bears (-2.5) vs Seahawks: My Pick- Bears, Actual- Bears COVER

Record for Week TWO: 1-5, OVERALL record for the 2018 season: 7-5

The games for this week are the Jets at the Browns, the Bills at the Vikings, the Cowboys at the Seahawks, the Pats at the Lions, the Steelers at the Bucs.

Game ONE: Tonight- The New York Jets at the Cleveland Browns (Line- Browns -3.5)

This is a game that is HEAD scratcher for me, ANYTHING can happen in this game. My head is telling me to go with the Browns, because they are basically a LOCK to WIN this game, but my heart is telling me to go with Sammy Touchdowns and the Jets. OF COURSE I am going with my heart and this game is the FIRST NFL game I have ever bet on and I basically GUARANTEED to LOSE.

Game TWO: Sunday Afternoon- The Buffalo Bills at the Minnesota Vikings (Line- Vikings -16.5)

NO IDEA why CBS has picked this game as their MARQUEE game of the week but it is, so I HAVE to pick this game. This is the BIGGEST line of the season and you can NEVER bank on a team winning this game by this MANY points, so I am going to the take the Bills in this game AGAINST the spread and take the Vikings money line. I have NO confidence in the Bills keeping this game CLOSE so I am basically starting out 0-2 on the week.

Game THREE: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Dallas Cowboys at the Seattle Seahawks (Line- Seahawks -2.5)

This game is going to be a BLOWOUT between two teams that have UNDERACHIEVED this season. The Cowboys BEAT one of the WORST teams in football, the Giants at HOME last week and for the Seahawks this is a MUST win game IF they want to go to the Playoffs so I am going to bank on the Seahawks showing up for this game and DOMINATING the Cowboys and SAVE their season.

Game FOUR: Sunday Night- The New England Patriots at the Detroit Lions (Line- Pats -6.5)

This is a game that is going to EMOTIONAL for the Lions’ Head coach Matt Patricia facing his FORMER team, but the Lions have shown that they are among the WORST teams in football. They could NOT keep things CLOSE against the Jets at HOME, so I think that the Pats are going to come out FIRING and DOMINATE this game and COVER.

Game FIVE: Monday Night- The Pittsburgh Steelers at the Tampa Bay Bucs (Line- Steelers -1.5)

Like the Seahawks, this is a MUST win game for the Steelers. The Bucs have been GREAT thus far this season and might be a FRINGE Playoff team but the Steelers HAVE to win this game and I think they COVER the spread on Monday night because their season will be OVER if they are NOT able to DOMINATE the Bucs this week.

TL;DR: My picks for this week are the Jets, the Bills, the Seahawks, the Pats, and the Steelers. Come back next weekend to see how COLD I am this week.


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