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23 different series previews between the Yankees and the Red Sox

NOT pushing the PANIC button yet, but getting CLOSE

The New York Yankees have the THIRD best record in baseball but EVERYONE is pushing the PANIC button on them because they have been DEAD and LACKLUSTER over the past TWO months. They LOST another series this weekend and now sit just ONE game away from having to go to ACROSS the country for the Wild Card game. This season has been TERRIBLE for the Yankees at times, but an EMBARRASSING moment is on the decks this week unless if they are able to SWEEP the Boston Red Sox.

Yankees vs Blue Jays Series Recap:

Game 1- The Yankees have BEAT up on the Blue Jays this season and that was the case on Friday night. The Bronx Bombers scored FIVE runs in the first inning and went on to WIN the game 11-0.

The BIG moment of the game was the Yankees’ SAVIOR, Aaron Judge coming BACK from the DL. He is currently only available to field and run bases but it SPARKED the team and they got the WIN on Friday night.

Game 2- It has been REMARKABLE how good CC Sabathia has been in the LATTER stages of his career, but he is NO longer a GREAT pitcher and the Yankees NEED to find a REPLACEMENT for him going down the stretch this season. He was TERRIBLE again and put the Yankees behind FIVE runs EARLY on Saturday. The Yankee offense came BACK to make it CLOSE to bring the score to 8-7 thanks to a Miguel Andujar GRAND Slam but they could NOT get the TYING run and LOST the game 8-7.

Game 3- After FAILING to come BACK on Saturday, the Yankees NEEDED to WIN on Sunday and they took a 2-0 lead in the FIRST inning thanks to a leadoff Home Run by Andrew McCutchen, but the offense fell FLAT again and the Bullpen could NOT stop the Blue Jays from scoring and the Yankees LOST the game 3-2 to lose their SECOND series in a row.

The BIG positive from this weekend was Aaron Judge and him being able to get on the field. Though he is only able to field and run bases, his PRESENCE alone has HELPED this team and ALL signs are pointing towards him hitting again this week against the Red Sox at some point. Aroldis Chapman is ALSO slated to RETURN this week, so the Yankees are getting FULLY healthy for the last TEN games of the Regular Season and a POSSIBLE Postseason run.

The PANIC button is STILL in my lap but I have NOT pushed it yet as I am waiting for Aaron Judge to come back, he can SPARK this team and carry them over the next THIRTEEN games, but if he FAILS then I am pushing the PANIC button. LUCKILY for the Yankees, the Oakland Athletics ALSO lost two games this weekend so the Yankees are 1.5 games AHEAD of the A’s in the FIRST Wild Card spot, the Yankees are going to LOSE the Wild Card game IF it is in Oakland.

There have been some EMBARRASSING moments for the Yankees like getting SWEPT by the Red Sox or the Orioles DOMINATING them EARLY in the season, but this week can TOP all of that if they do NOT sweep the series. The MAGIC number for the Red Sox to CLINCH the AL East is TWO, so it is HIGHLY likely that the Red Sox will celebrate their AL East division title in Yankee Stadium in Yankee Stadium and add ANOTHER step in their journey towards winning the World Series.

Yankees vs Red Sox Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Today- J.A. Happ vs Nathan Eovaldi

Game 2: Wednesday Night- Luis Severino vs David Price

Game 3: Thursday Night- Masahiro Tanaka vs Eduardo Rodriguez

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