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In TYPICAL fashion, the Jets LOSE a game they SHOULD have won


The New York Jets have made it a TRADITION in the last EIGHT seasons of getting their fans EXCITED and then having a LET DOWN game the following game. The MEMORIES of the Jets LOSING to the Bills in Week 17 in 2015 come back as the Jets LOSE their Home Opener to the Miami Dolphins today. The INFLATED expectations from Jet fans will have to come DOWN to earth as the Jets head to Cleveland to take on the Browns Thursday night.

Last week, the Jets did BETTER than ANYONE can expect in Detroit which AROUSED Jets fans and they should up in BIG numbers at Metlife Stadium today.

UNFORTUNATELY for those fans, the Jets did NOT show up today and fell to a Dolphins team that is TERRIBLE, but the Jets made them look GREAT.

The Dolphins scored TWENTY points in the FIRST half, while the Jets scored ZERO, which was the difference in the game as the Jets managed to score only TWELVE points in the SECOND half, thus LOSING the game 20-12 to fall to 1-1 on the season.

The Jets defense could NOT get the BIG turnover that they got PLENTY of last week and in the end they allowed the Dolphins to CONVERT on a THIRD and NINETEEN which was the DAGGER in the hearts of the Jets. It is a SHORT week this week, so Marcus Maye is MOST LIKELY going to miss his THIRD game in a row and the Jets need him to get BACK and ANCHOR the secondary with Jamaal Adams, who did NOT have a GREAT game today.

Rookie quarterback Sam Darnold made his DEBUT in front of the FREINDLY crowd at Metlife Stadium and it was like ANY other Rookie quarterback’s FIRST start at HOME, but for the Jets it was NOT what he did last Monday. He threw for TWO interceptions, one of them came in the Red Zone with all the MOMENTUM on the Jets sideline in the THIRD quarter and since that point it seemed that the Jets were DEAD.

The growing PAINS of a Rookie quarterback are going to DEMORALIZE a fanbase but through the first TWO weeks of the season, we have seen ENOUGH to show that Sammy TD’s is NOT in over his head and has ALL the tools necesaary to be SUCCESSFUL in the NFL. This season was about GROWING and GROOMING the young quarterback, but after the GREAT performance on Monday Night, the expectations had CHANGED for MOST Jets fans including MYSELF.

It was NOT all NEGATIVE for Sam Darnold as he threw his FIRST touchdown at Metlife Stadium to Bilal Powell to put the Jets on the board.

This next THREE days will show A LOT about Sam Darnold and the other YOUNG players on the roster, IF they can get PAST this game and get ready for a BIG game against the Browns on the ROAD on a SHORT week.

Next up for the Jets is a road trip to Cleveland to take on a Browns team that had PREMIER chance to win BOTH of their games this season, but they are 0-1-1, the Jets SHOULD be able to BEAT the Browns but it would NOT shock me if they have ANOTHER Let DOWN before going on the ROAD to play one of the BEST teams in football in Week 4.


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