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College Football Week TWO roundup and lookahead to week THREE

The JUNIOR circuit is getting more INTERESTING

We are onto week THREE of the College Football season and we some GOOD games last week with MORE on the docket this week. I came in CLUTCH with my MORTAL lock of the week, and this week my MORTAL lock of the week is Rutgers over Kansas. I am ALL the way IN on the Scarlet Knights especially because they have the BEST intern in the game working for them.

Week 2 Takeaways:

ONE: The battle for Pennsylvania was a TERRIBLE game

Last week, I said that this game was going to be ELECTRIC and it was ANYTHING but. It was RAINY in Pittsburgh and a CLOSE game in the second half but Penn State RAN AWAY with the game in the SECOND half in an UGLY game. The Nittany Lions look like a GOOD team again and their SCARE against Appalachian State in week ONE was just a FLUKE.

TWO: Stanford is a LOCK to WIN the Pac 12

I said that the game between USC and Stanford was a PRELUDE to the Pac 12 Championship game and Stanford RAN AWAY with the game on Saturday night. I think that Stanford who has the BEST, running back in the sport, are going to WIN the Pac 12 and make an ARGUMENT to be in the College Football Playoff.

THREE: Herm Edwards is a GOOD football coach?

I was NOT onboard with Arizona State hiring Herm Edwards as the head coach but he has ALREADY won a BIG game against Michigan State and they might be a DARKHORSE pick in the Pac 12 SOUTH. It will be INTERESTING to see how the REST of the season plays out for the Sun Devils.


I thought that Oklahoma and UCLA were going to score a HUNDRED points last week, but UCLA scored ONLY 21 points with the Sooners scoring FOURTY NINE. It has become CLEAR that Chip Kelly has NOT yet adjusted to UCLA and this season is going is NOT going to be good for the Bruins.

FIVE: Texas A&M is going to finish SECOND in the SEC West

EVERYONE was LAUGHING at me when I said that Texas A&M was my MORTAL lock (against the spread) last week but who is LAUGHING now. The Aggies were a TWO point conversion AWAY from going to OVERTIME against the SECOND best team in the country, so they are a DARKHORSE to DEMOLISH opponents in the SEC and finish as the SECOND best team in the conference.

FIVE things I am looking forward to in Week THREE:

ONE: Boise State can MAKE a case for the College Football Playoff

A NON Power FIVE conference teams they need a MARQUEE win to make the College Football Playoff and Boise State has that chance tomorrow. They take on Oklahoma State which is a RANKED opponent on the ROAD and if the Broncos can pull this game out, they will have a GREAT case of becoming the FIRST Non Power FIVE team to be IN the College Football Playoff.

TWO: Alabama is going to STEAMROLL Ole Miss

This is a NEWSFLASH, Alabama is REALLY GOOD and Ole Miss is NOT a match for them. ENOUGH said

THREE: USC vs Texas is a LOSER leaves town match up

USC and Texas come into this game ALREADY having a LOSS on the season and WHOEVER loses this game, their seat is going to be HOT, so it is going to be TWO coaches going ALL out to SAVE their jobs.

FOUR: Ohio State is going to stand tall for the Big Ten

This is the LAST game for Ohio State before Urban Meyer comes back and they are going to STEAMROLL TCU under the lights and we will see the Big Ten show they that are STILL the best conference in the country.

FIVE: Tomorrow night is the night that LSU comes ALL the way BACK

I think that Auburn is OVERRATED and tomorrow night, LSU is going to STOMP Auburn and become ONE of the BEST teams in the country. I think that WHOEVER loses this game should CHANGE their mascot from the Tigers.

That is the CURRENT state of College Football, come back here NEXT week for more.


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