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26 different weekend series previews between the Blue Jays and the Yankees

ABOUT to PUSH the PANIC button

The New York Yankees have been DEAD for the last two week and it ALL come to a tee on Wednesday night when they ALMOST go NO HIT in Minnesota. The Yankees need to WAKEUP this weekend or else I will be PRESSING the PANIC button.

Yankees vs Twins Series Recap:

Game 1: The Twins and the Yankees went back and forth throwing SHUTOUT innings but then Gary Sanchez opened the FLOODGATES.

The Yankees scored SIX runs in the inning and they went on to WIN the game, 7-2 getting their NINETIETH win of the season.

Game 2- Sonny Gray made a SPOT start on Tuesday and he was TRASH. The Yankees gave up a GRAND SLAM and they HIT a GRAND SLAM so they LOST the gameΒ 10-5, sending the Yankee fans in DISARRAY.

Game 3- The Yankees got NO HIT until the EIGHTH inning when Greg Bird drove in the ONLY run of the game for the Yankees. Luis Severino was GREAT but he SLIGHTLY broke and he ENDED up with the LOSS, 3-1.

The recaps are SHORT this week because the Yankees were TRASH and the offense has been LACKLUSTER on the road trip. Coming home this weekend should HELP the team because they need to WAKEUP or else they might have to go to Oakland in the Wild Card game which is going to KILL me.

The Yankee team has been DEAD since the INJURY to Aaron Judge and ALL signs are pointing towards him coming back at SOME point over the next TEN days. The Yankees are a MUCH better team with Judge in the lineup so he needs to HURRY UP and SAVE the Yankees, so in a way SAVE me.

The team was DEAD on the road trip and they need to WAKE UP this weekend against the Toronto Blue Jays in the Bronx before the BEST team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox come to town.

Yankees vs Blue Jays Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs Marco Estrada

Game 2: Saturday LATE Afternoon- CC Sabathia vs Sean Reid-Foley

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- Lance Lynn vs Thomas Pannone

#WetDreamCity #RedSoxYear


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