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32 different series previews between the Twins and the Yankees

NO need to PANIC anymore

The New York Yankees have FINISHED their West Coast trip and are heading EAST before RETURNING to the Bronx. The Bronx Bombers went 3-3 on the West Coast and now need to FINISH strong this week against the Twins before coming home this weekend.

Yankees vs Mariners Series Recap:

Game 1: Masahiro Tanaka has been the BEST pitcher on the team and he is making a GREAT argument to pitch in the Wild Card game. He pitched EIGHT shutout innings and got the WIN on Friday Night, thanks to Gleyber Torres.

Torres has REMERGED in the AL Rookie of the Year race, between him and Miguel Andujar, the Yankees have the BEST rookies in baseball. Andrew McCutchen got his FIRST home run with the Yankees and helped the Yankees get a 4-0 WIN to start the series.

Game 2: UNLIKE Tanaka, Lance Lynn has been among the WORST pitchers on the team. He needed a GREAT start on Saturday night or he might have been REPLACED by Sonny Gray and Lynn showed up on Saturday Night. He got a NO decision but the Yankees got the WIN thanks to the BEST backup catcher of ALL TIME.

Dellin Betances has been the DEFACTO closer while Aroldis Chapman is HURT and EVEN THOUGH he has been SHAKY, he was able to get the SAVE and the Yankees got a 4-2 WIN to WIN the series against the Mariners.

Game 3- The Bombers were looking for the SWEEP of the Mariners yesterday and they had the EARLY 1-0 lead in the FIRST inning, BUT C.C. Sabathia gave up TWO runs in the BOTTOM of the FIRST inning and the Yankee offense fell ASLEEP. The offense TIED the game but they could NOT get the BIG hit and the Mariners scored the game WINNING run in the EIGHTH inning to AVOID the SWEEP with a 3-2 WIN.

The Yankees NEEDED to WIN this series and there were a TON of POSITIVE signs but the LOSS yesterday leaves an UGLY taste in the mouth. This last FEW weeks of the season are becoming INTERESTING and the Yankees need to start SWEEPING their opponents.

INJURIES is the one of the MAIN reasons why the Yankees will NOT win the AL East this season, but they are getting HEALTHY at the RIGHT time. Didi Gregorius came back this weekend and Aaron Judge is scheduled to hit on the field this week, so MAYBE he can come back next week and MASH the ball for the REST of the season.

The last FEW weeks of the season have NOT been IMPORTANT for the Yankees as they had a big DEFICIT in the AL East race and a big LEAD in the AL Wild Card race but the Oakland Athletics REFUSE to LOSE and are SURGING. I do NOT want the Yankees to travel to Oakland for the Wild Card game, so the Yankees need to SECURE the FIRST Wild Card spot.

In order to HOST the Wild Card game, the Yankees NEED to BEAT UP on BAD teams and the Yankees have SIX winnable games before the Boston Red Sox come to town next week and MIGHT put a DAMPER on the season. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO PLAY THE WILD CARD GAME IN OAKLAND IF I AM THE YANKEES.

Yankees vs Twins Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- J.A. Happ vs Kyle Gibson

Game 2: Tuesday Night: Sonny Gray vs TBD

Game 3: Wednesday Night: Luis Severino vs Jake Odorizzi

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