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25 different weekend series preview of the Mariners and the Yankees

I am going to PANIC after this weekend

The New York Yankees are in SHAMBLES after being GOD AWFUL this week against the Oakland Athletics. The PROBABLE match up for the AL Wild Card is the Yankees vs Athletics and I am NOT confident about that match up anymore. The Yankees continue their West Coast trip this weekend before they start heading EAST after the weekend.

Yankees vs Athletics Series Recap:

Game 1- CC Sabathia has been the BEST pitcher in baseball after a Yankee LOSS but he did NOT have on Monday. The Yankees had the 1-0 lead, BUT he gave up THREE runs in the FIRST inning and after the Yankees came back in the SECOND inning, CC gave up the lead AGAIN and that DEMORALIZED the team. The Yankees basically just GAVE UP on the game and LOST 6-3

Game 2- J.A. Happ was the SHOE IN to pitch the AL Wild Card game and I am becoming MORE and MORE confident about him getting the ball in the Wild Card game. He gave up just ONE run in SEVEN innings but the offense was COLD so he got a NO decision. The game was TIED in the EIGHTH inning, before Luke Voit helped the Yankees PULL AWAY.

Voit has been the BEST player on the team over the last COUPLE of weeks and his home run was HUGE for the Yankees MOMENTUM and they got the WIN, 5-1.

Game 3- Despite a TERRIBLE first game of the series, the Yankees could have WON the series with their ACE Luis Severino on the mound, but the Yankees GAVE UP on the game again. The offense could NOT convert on a Bases LOADED situation in the TOP of the FIRST and in the BOTTOM of the inning, the Yankees UNRAVELED.

Severino and Gary Sanchez made a TON of mistakes in the inning allowing the A’s to score FOUR runs in the inning and that was game was basically OVER, losing the game 8-2.

EVER since the Yankees SWEPT the Orioles, the team has been TERRIBLE. They need to FIX themselves this weekend, or else they might be UNRAVELING for the REST of the season.

The Yankees are getting HEALTHIER this weekend with Didi Gregorius coming back and that is HUGE for the Yankees. Didi needs to CARRY this team until Aaron Judge gets back because they NEED to play BETTER.

The ENTIRE Yankee team has been TERRIBLE over the last EIGHT days, the WHOLE team need to play BETTER this weekend. Gary Sanchez has DOMINATED in Seattle against the Mariners and it would be REAL SHAME if he RETURNED to his form this weekend.

Yankees vs Mariners Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs James Paxton

Game 2: Saturday Night- Lance Lynn vs Felix Hernandez

Game 3: Sunday LATE Afternoon- CC Sabathia vs Erasmo Ramirez

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