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Countdown to the 2018 football season: Day EIGHT

I can FINALLY stop caring about EVERYTHING other than football!!!

The day is FINALLY when the NFL season starts and that can ONLY mean ONE thing that the yearly TRADITION of me making a COMPLETELY WRONG Super Bowl CONTINUES before the NFL season BEGINS tonight. This also marks the END of the MEGA preview of the 2018 football season and it is now time to SIT on the couch and watch GROWN men BASH each other.

In case you missed it, I picked my TWO Super Bowl teams from the RESPECTIVE conferences YESTERDAY, below are the TWO teams that will play the LAST game of the 2018 NFL season in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The NFC CHAMP: The Los Angeles Rams vs the AFC CHAMP: The New England Pats

The Rams AND the Pats are the TWO best teams in the NFL going into the season, so it a NO BRAINER that they are going to make the Super Bowl this season.

I would make a THOROUGH and THOUGHTFUL pick for my Super Bowl CHAMP, but that is NOT what this website is about, it is about CURSING teams and that is why it is a NO BRAINER that my Super Bowl for the 2018 season are the Pats. They are the BEST team in the NFL and NOTHING can go WRONG for them, it would be a REAL SHAME if the #AviMehtaCurse STRUCK them this season and they FAILED to WIN the Super Bowl, it would be a REAL SHAME.

LATER today, the Week 1 NFL picks will be dropping as we are officially READY to start the football season in LESS than TWELVE hours.


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