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Countdown to the 2018 football season: Day EIGHT part TWO

LESS than THIRTY hours to go

This is the SECOND part of the PENULTIMATE day of the MEGA preview of the 2018 football season. EARLIER today, I had the NFC preview, this is the AFC preview and there is only ONE more preview after today left before the football season begins tomorrow night. I will have my Super Bowl pick tomorrow morning, which I have been HORRIBLY bad at, so GOOD LUCK to the team I have picked this season.

In case you missed it, here is the SIX playoff teams in the AFC:

ONE seed: AFC East CHAMP- The New England Pats- 15-1

TWO seed: AFC South CHAMP- The Jacksonville Jags- 13-3

THREE seed: AFC North CHAMP- The Pittsburgh Steelers- 11-5

FOUR seed: AFC West CHAMP- The Los Angeles Chargers- 8-8

FIVE seed: FIRST Wild Card- The Cleveland Browns- 8-8

SIX seed: SECOND Wild Card- The Indianapolis Colts- 8-8

It is going to be a GREAT story that the Colts and the Browns who were at the BOTTOM of the NFL last season, TURN AROUND and make the Playoffs this season, but they are NOT going to do any DAMAGE in the playoffs and SHOULD be ONE and DONE.

The Chargers are in a SIMILAR boat as the Browns and the Colts, but since they have a GREAT defense, I could see them WINNING the Wild Card game before LOSING in the Divisional round.

The Jags and the Steelers are INTERCHANGEABLE to me, the Jags have an EASIER schedule so they are going to RACK up some WINS, but EITHER team could make it to the AFC Championship game this season, but NEITHER is good enough to get to the Super Bowl as the AFC CHAMP.

The ENTIRE AFC playoffs are just a FORMALITY as we all know, the New England Pats are going to the Super Bowl. NOTHING could go WRONG for them and they MIGHT just win their SIX Super Bowl in the last TWENTY years.

Well there you have it, the TWO Super Bowl teams are the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Pats. Come BACK here tomorrow, to see who is going to LIFT the Vince Lombardi Trophy on the FIRST Sunday of February.



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