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Countdown to the 2018 football season: Day SEVEN part ONE

Just THREE more days left to go!!

After a COUPLE of days, the MEGA preview for the 2018 football season has RETURNED. The last TWO divisions will be previewed today before we move to the Playoffs tomorrow. We took a look at the AFC North last week, today it is the NFC East FIRST and the AFC East coming LATER today.

The Super Bowl CHAMPIONS reside in the NFC East, so this an IMPORTANT division in the NFC with three POSSIBLE playoff teams and a TRASH team. The Philadelphia Eagles came out of NOWHERE and WON the Super Bowl, maybe ANOTHER team from this division will have that MAGIC this season.

Finishing in FOURTH place in the NFC East: The Washington Redskins

The Redskins made a BIG move by signing Alex Smith to REPLACE Kirk Cousins and I am in the camp that thinks that idea was TERRIBLE. The Redskins are going to be the WORST team in football according to my PRESEASON rankings. LUCKILY for them, I am the WORST person on the planet with PREDICTIONS.

PREDICTED record for the Redskins: 3-13

Finishing in THIRD place in the NFC East: The Dallas Cowboys

I was HIGH on the Cowboys while I was ranking my preseason teams, but they have made some QUESTIONABLE decisions in the last COUPLE of weeks which is why I think they are going to be TRASH this season. There is a MADMAN running the Cowboys right now and he NEEDS to FIX his team.

PREDICTED record for the Cowboys: 5-11

Finishing in SECOND place in the NFC East: The New York Giants

The Giants had a TRASH season last year, but they done EVERYTHING right in the offseason and that is why I think they are going to be the MOST improved team of the season and are going to play MEANINGFUL games in December.

PREDICTED record for the New York Giants: 10-6

WINNING the NFC East: The Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles DOMINATED this division last season on their way to the Super Bowl. I expect it to be the SAME this season, the REST of the teams in the NFC East are NOT even CLOSE to the Eagles and they are going to WIN the division and have a CHANCE to REPEAT in Atlanta NO MATTER who is the quarterback.

PREDICTED record for the Eagles: 13-3

Well there was the look at how the NFC East is going to play out this season. I have ONLY one team making the Playoffs and it is NOT even going to be CLOSE. LATER today, I will have the AFC East preview to CLOSE OUT the division part of the MEGA preview of the 2018 football season.


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