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26 previews of the Athletics and the Yankees

MAYBE now is the time to PANIC

The New York Yankees took on TWO of the WORST teams in baseball over the last week and managed to have a LOSING record against them. They now go to the WEST coast to take on TWO teams, that they MIGHT play in the AL Wild Card game as September baseball is upon us.

Yankees vs Tigers Series Recap:

Game 1- J.A. Happ has been GREAT since joining the Yankees at the Trade Deadline, but he was TRASH on Thursday night. Despite the Yankees coming BACK in the game, he GAVE up the lead MUTLIPLE times, but offense BAILED him out and had a TWO run lead going into the NINTH inning.

Dellin Betances is ONE of the BEST relief pitchers in baseball, but for some reason he is the WORST closer in baseball and that was evident on Thursday night, when he gave up THREE runs and took the LOSS as the Yankees LOST 8-7.

Game 2: Luis Severino has RECOVERED from his TERRIBLE month of July and the EARLY parts of August. He had a QUALITY start on Friday night, but the offense was SLEEPING to start the game.

EVENTUALLY the offense woke up and Gleyber Torres made sure the Yankees did NOT lose THREE games in a row.

Torres, like Sevy has RECOVERED from a TERRIBLE July and he was NOT done showing his HEROICS on Gleyber Day weekend.

Game 3: Masahiro Tanaka outside of his LAST start was the BEST pitcher on this staff and he CONTINUED to prove that on Saturday. After a RUN in the FIRST, he RECOVERED and got the WIN as Gleyber Torres came in CLUTCH once AGAIN.

This was the SECOND game WINNING hit for Torres on Gleyber Day weekend and BAILED OUT the Yankees on MULTIPLE days.

Game 4: Lance Lynn had been GREAT after coming to the Yankees for the first FEW weeks, but has been TRASH lately and the Yankees should consider REMOVING him from the starting rotation. The Yankee offense did ALL they could, but Greg Bird missed a GO AHEAD GRAND SLAM by just THREE feet in the EIGHTH and the Yankees LOST the game 11-7 to END a BAD homestand against TWO of the WORST teams in baseball.

The Yankees are still TECHNICALLY in the AL East race with the Boston Red Sox, but they have NOT been able to CAPITALIZE on Red Sox losses and are STILL a BUNCH of games out of FIRST place. The Red Sox are on a HISTORIC pace right now and they LOSE very INFREQUENTLY, but the Yankees have NOT been able to capitalize.

August 31st was the LAST day to add players on the roster that can play in the postseason and the Yankees made a SPLASH by adding Andrew McCutchen after the game on Thursday night. McCutchen won the NL Mvp award back in 2013 and is the SECOND former NL MVP on the Yankees roster as Giancarlo Stanton WON the award LAST season. Cutch is going to be HUGE for this team going down the stretch as Aaron Judge is NOT even CLOSE to coming BACK yet.

Gary Sanchez has MISSED the MAJORITY of the season, but he returned to the Yankees on Saturday and he is ANOTHER player that is going to be HUGE for the Yankees going down the stretch. Sanchez has been GREAT the past TWO Augusts and maybe this year he can have a GREAT September. Didi Gregorius is expected to RETURN to the Yankees on Thursday so the Yankees are getting HEALTHY at the RIGHT time.

This road trip is really IMPORTANT for the Yankees as they take on the Oakland Athletics, the Seattle Mariners, and the Minnesota Twins. BOTH the Athletics and the Mariners are in the race for the SECOND spot in the AL Wild Card, so the next SEVEN games for the Yankees are DEFACTO Playoff games.

Yankees vs Athletics Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Today- CC Sabathia vs Trevor Cahill

Game 2: Tuesday Night- J.A. Happ vs TBD

Game 3: Wednesday Night- Luis Severino vs Mike Fiers

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