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Countdown to 2018 football season: Day SIX


There are only THREE divisions left in the division part of the MEGA preview of the 2018 football season. At this time next week we will be getting READY for the FIRST game of the season as ALL NFL teams play their FINAL Preseason game tonight. After looking at the NFC North yesterday, we will take a look at the AFC North today before moving EAST for our last TWO divisions in the NFL over the next TWO days.

The AFC North had the WORST team in football last season, who are going to be TRASH again this season. The other teams in the division UNDERACHIEVED last season and this season is a BIG for all of them. Here is a look at how those teams are going to do this season.

Finishing in FOURTH place in the AFC North: The Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are one of the WORST teams in football year in and year out but they have NEVER change their REGIME, this season is going to be the SAME for them and they are going to be TRASH and FORCED to CHANGE their REGIME. They have SOME talent on their roster but it is NOT good enough to do ANYTHING in the NFL anymore.

PREDICTED record for the Bengals: 3-13

Finishing in THIRD place in the AFC North: The Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are a SIMILAR team like the Bengals in that have UNDERACHIEVED over the last FEW seasons. Last seasons they CONTROLLED their OWN destiny going into the LAST game of the season, but LOST in HEARTBREAKING fashion to the Bengals and MISSED the playoffs for like the THIRD season in a row. The time has come for the Ravens to EVALUATE whether Joe Flacco is ELITE anymore and I expect the Ravens to KNOCK on the doors of the playoffs this season.

PREDICTED record for the Ravens: 7-9

Finishing in SECOND place in the AFC North: The Cleveland Browns

The Browns have had ONE win over the past TWO seasons but they drafted Baker Mayfield with the FIRST pick in this year’s draft. I do NOT have ANY loyal readers of the website, but IF I had ANY, they would know that I LOVED Mayfield and I expect him to be GREAT in the NFL. I also LOVE Josh Gordon, so there is NO way I can be DOWN on the Browns, when they have TWO players that I really LIKE.

PREDICTED record for the Browns: 8-8

Winning the AFC North: The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are the PERENNIAL winner of the AFC North, for them it is NOT about winning this division, it is more about WINNING the Super Bowl. They LOST to the Jags in the division round last season and they NEED to perform BETTER this season or else there MIGHT be some QUESTIONS of the Steelers REGIME in the offseason, though they NEVER fire anyone.

PREDICTED record for the Steelers: 11-5

That was a look at the AFC North, there are only TWO divisions left to preview. Tomorrow I will have the preview of the NFC East as the MEGA preview of the 2018 football season ROLLS ON. Just a HINT: This is NOT the ONLY blog today about the UPCOMING football season, think of marching bands and Saturdays, you will have to WAIT till 1 p.m. for that.


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