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32 different weekend series previews between the Yankees and the Tigers


The New York Yankees took on the Chicago White Sox this week, but the series did NOT go as PLANNED for the Bronx Bombers dropping TWO games against ONE of the WORST teams in baseball. The Yankees take on the Detroit Tigers this weekend before they head to the WEST Coast where they will play SOME teams that are going to play the Bombers in the Wild Card game.

Yankees vs White Sox Series Recap:

Game 1- The Yankees were coming off a BIG sweep of the Baltimore Orioles and were taking on the TRASH White Sox but the offense went COLD on Monday night. Lance Lynn was NOT bad in his start but he got the LOSS as the Yankee offense managed to score on a TWO run Home Run by Gleyber Torres but they LOST the game 6-2.

Game 2- The Yankee offense was TRASH on Monday night and that CONTINUED on Tuesday night. Masahiro Tanaka did his job by LIMITING the White Sox offense but the Yankee offense could NOT do anything and they were down 4-0 before Miguel Andujar decided to put the team on his BACK. The Yankees TIED the game thanks to an Aaron Hicks home run and then Neil Walker added more PINSTRIPES in the NINTH inning.

This was a BIG comeback for the Yankees and the team had come ALIVE thanks to the Neil Walker home run and they had the CHANCE to WIN the series against the White Sox.

Game 3- This was a TRASH series for the Yankees but they could have WON the series against the White Sox and CC Sabathia was NOT bad but the Yankee offense went COLD and they LOST the game 4-1 to LOSE the series against one of the WORST teams in baseball.

This was a DISASTROUS series for the Yankees but they are going to get some REINFORCEMENTS over the next few days as it seems Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius are going to REJOIN the squad when they go to the WEST coast and that is going to HELP the Yankees TREAD waters until the Postseason.

This weekend does NOT really matter for the Yankees as they are looking forward to the WEST coast which is BIG and they NEED to take care of the Tigers before sitting on their plane seats on Sunday Afternoon.

Yankees- Tigers Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- J.A. Happ vs Francisco Liriano

Game 2: Friday Night- Luis Severino vs Jordan Zimmerman

Game 3: Saturday LATE Afternoon- Masahiro Tanaka vs TBD

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon- Lance Lynn vs Matthew Boyd

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