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2018 College Football season MEGA preview


TODAY officially starts the 2018 College Football season, which is my THIRD favorite sport and I am SUPER excited about this season. Last season was ONE of the BEST College Football Playoffs and I think that is going to be the case AGAIN this season. Below is a MEGA preview of the Power FIVE divisions as well as my College Football Playoff pick.

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Clemson has been the BEST team in the ACC for the past FIVE seasons, Dabo Swinney has LED them to PROMINENCE and that is going to CONTINUE this season. The BIGGEST test for Clemson is going to come from Miami but they are NOT going to be ENOUGH for Clemson and they are going to WIN the ACC and go the College Football Playoff for the FOURTH season in a row.

Big Ten conference

The Big Ten is the BEST conference in College Football, especially the Big Ten East division. I would NOT be SURPRISED if ANY of the top FOUR teams in the Big Ten East won the Big Ten this season, but I think that this is the year that Michigan FINALLY beats Ohio State and WINS the division to face Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game. Wisconsin is going to RUN AWAY with the Big Ten West and they are going to be UNDEFEATED going into the Big Ten Title game for the SECOND season in a row, and they are going to LOSE the title game AGAIN and MISS the College Football Playoff, Michigan is going to the playoff for the FIRST time in its ILLUSTRIOUS history.

My SLEEPER in the Big Ten is Rutgers, because they have the BEST Intern (WINK WINK) working in the press box EVERY game.

Big 12 conference

The Big 12 is the LEAST competitive division in the Power FIVE and that is going to be the case AGAIN this season. Oklahoma is going to RUN AWAY with the conference and make the Playoff as they have the BEST athlete on the sport on their roster in Kyler Murray, who is going to be the FIRST player EVER to play for the New York Jets and New York Yankees SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

The SEC used to be the BEST conference in college football but they only have TWO good teams in Alabama and Georgia. Those TWO teams are going to play in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta and the WINNER of that game will go the College Football Playoff. The SEC had TWO teams made the CFP last season, but only ONE will make it there this season because outside of a COUPLE of teams, the SEC is TRASH.

Pacific 12 Conference (Pac 12)

The Pac 12 MISSED the College Football Playoff last season, which was the SECOND time in the FOUR year history of the CFP and that is going to be the case AGAIN this season. The Pac 12 SOUTH is going to be TRASH this season as BOTH USC and UCLA are looking to REPLACE their quarterbacks lost to the NFL last season. EVERYBODY is HIGH on Arizona this season, but I do NOT get the HYPE even though I LOVED Kevin Sumlin in Texas A&M, he is NOT going to be good at Arizona. In the Pac 12 NORTH it is a TWO team race between Stanford and Washington. I think Stanford, which has the BEST player in football in Bryce Love and they are going to WIN the Pac 12 BUT MISS the Playoff.

The FOUR College Football Playoff teams for me are Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, and Michigan in that order so Michigan will play Alabama and Clemson will play Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff SEMIFINALS.

I have the Clemson Tigers WINNING the National Championship this season because their NASTY defense is the BEST unit in the sport and they are going to WIN the National Championship for the SECOND time in TWO seasons.

Well there you have it, I have Clemson WINNING the College Football Playoff, so there is a look at the College Football season. I did College Football picks last season, but due to some CONTRACTUAL reasons, I will NOT be doing the picks this season but I will still cover College Football THROUGHOUT the season with at least ONE blog per week so STAY TUNED.


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