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Countdown to the 2018 football season- Day FIVE

Football season needs to HURRY UP

We are now in day FIVE of the 2018 MEGA preview of the football season, we looked at the AFC South yesterday and now move NORTH today by looking at the NFC North, we will look at their COUNTERPARTS in the AFC tomorrow.

The NFC North produced ONE of the BEST teams in baseball in the Minnesota Vikings, who I think will take a STEP BACK this season. The NFC North also has the Green Bay Packers, which has the BEST player in football, in Aaron Rodgers, who is the RICHEST man in football history and the other TWO teams in the division are MEDIOCRE.

Finishing FOURTH place in the NFC North: The Detroit Lions

The Lions were a TRASH team and I think that CONTINUES this year, they have a NEW coach but I do NOT think that is going to make a DIFFERENCE. The Lions are NOT building a GREAT team around Matt Stafford and that is the reason why they are going to be ONE of the WORST teams in football this season.

PREDICTED record for the Lions: 4-12

Finishing in THIRD place in the NFC North: The Chicago Bears

The Bears are very SIMILAR to the team that is talked about A LOT on this website. They have a young CORE that they are building and ANY success this season is going to be GREAT in an EFFORT to build their team for the FUTURE. The Bears are going to SURPRISE some people this season and they are going to be GREAT in a COUPLE of years.

PREDICTED record for the Bears: 8-8

Finishing in SECOND place in the NFC North: The Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings put together a GREAT season last year and made it to the NFC Championship game but they could NOT beat the Philadelphia Eagles with Case Keenum at the HELM. In the offseason, they gave the BIGGEST contract in NFL history (UNTIL about THREE hours ago) to Kirk Cousins, who is also MEDIOCRE like Keenum but their defense is going to help them CONTEND and stay in the MIX.

PREDICTED record for the Vikings: 9-7

WINNING the NFC North: The Green Bay Packers

The Packers had an ODD season last year because an INJURY to Aaron Rodgers DERAILED their season, that is NOT going to be the case this season. The Packers are becoming HEALTHY and they are going to DOMINATE the division. They MIGHT be my Super Bowl team, but you will have to WAIT until next week to FIND OUT.

PREDICTED record for the Packers: 14-2

That was a look at the NFC North, tomorrow I will take a look at the AFC North before heading EAST as we CLOSE out the divisions part of the MEGA preview of the 2018 football season.


2 Comments on Countdown to the 2018 football season- Day FIVE

  1. May have to bump the Monsters of the Midway up with the big signing of Khalil Mack!!


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