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Countdown to the 2018 football season: Day FOUR

ONE step CLOSER to football

We are now in day FOUR of our MEGA preview of the football season, today we look at the AFC South, after looking at the NFC South yesterday. We will move EAST towards the North divisions tomorrow as we are HALFWAY through our division previews.

The AFC South was a SURPRISE last season as most people had the Texans WINNING the division, but they instead MISSED the playoffs in a division that had TWO playoff teams. The Tennessee Titans put together a GREAT season to make the playoffs but they FIRED their coach, so they should take a step back this season. The BEST team in the division were the Jacksonville Jaguars, who were ONE quarter away from going to the Super Bowl. Here is a DETAILED look at the division.

Finishing in FOURTH place in the AFC South: The Tennessee Titans

Mike Vrabel comes in to LEAD the Titans at the Head Coach position this season as he looks to build a GREAT defense to SUPPLEMENT Marcus Mariota and the offense. Mariota put together his BEST season of his career, but I do NOT think he will be able to keep that up this season and the Titans are going to be TRASH this season.

PREDICTED record for the Titans: 4-12

Finishing in THIRD place in the AFC South: The Houston Texans

The Texans were looking to have a PROMISING season last year before their FRANCHISE quarterback, Deshaun Watson went down with an ACL injury. The Texans have suffered A LOT of injuries over the last FEW season, which is been an EXCUSE for them, that is NOT going to be the case for them this season as they are going to be TRASH and will NOT be able to BLAME their FAILURES on INJURIES.

PREDICTED record for the Texans: 6-10

Finishing in SECOND place in the AFC South: The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have been MISSING Andrew Luck for the last THREE seasons but he is going to be HEALTHY this season and that is going to HELP the Colts make a BIG improvement this season. Luck is going to lead the Colts to a SURPRISE season and they are going to be in CONTENTION for the Playoffs and will PROBABLY make it.

PREDICTED record for the Colts: 8-8

WINNING the AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags WON the AFC South and DOMINATED the division last season, that is going to CONTINUE this season. The Jags’ DEFENSE is NASTY and ANOTHER year for Blake Bortles is going to make him BETTER and help the Jags DOMINATE the AFC South AGAIN.

PREDICTED record for the Jags: 13-3

That was a look at the AFC South, I have TWO teams making the playoffs in this division. Tomorrow the MEGA preview of the football season rolls on with a look at the NFC North.


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