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Countdown to 2018 football season- Day THREE

This is the LAST Monday without Football till January!!!

This is day THREE of the MEGA preview of the 2018 football season, after looking at the TWO West divisions in the NFL last week, we are moving EAST by looking at the NFC South today, the division which has produced TWO of the last THREE Super Bowl teams in the NFC.

Last season in the NFC South we saw the New Orleans Saints coming out of NOWHERE in the MIDDLE of the season to WIN the division and were a MIRACLE play away from going to the NFC Championship game. THREE teams made the Playoffs in the NFC South last season, which was the MOST in the NFL last season and I expect MULTIPLE teams to make the Playoffs AGAIN in this division. Here is a look at how I think this division is going to play out this season.

Finishing in FOURTH place the NFC South: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs had HIGH expectations going into last season and I even PREDICTED them to make the Playoffs last season but they were TRASH and finished as one of the WORST teams in football. I am NOT going to make a MISTAKE with the Bucs AGAIN as they have done NOTHING to IMPROVE their roster, so they will TRASH again this season.

PREDICTED record for the Bucs: 6-10

Finishing in THIRD place in the NFC South: The Carolina Panthers

The Panthers had a chance to be the THREE seed in the NFC Playoffs last season but they LOST their last TWO games of the Regular season to BARELY make the Playoffs and LOST in the Wild Card round to the Saints. The Panthers caught LIGHTNING in a bottle last season with an EASY schedule, that is NOT going to be the case again this season and I expect them to take a step BACK this season but they will be KNOCKING their doors on the Playoffs.

PREDICTED record for the Panthers: 7-9

Finishing in SECOND place in the NFC South: The New Orleans Saints

The Saints, like the Panthers, caught LIGHTNING in a bottle with an EASY schedule last season and with a TOUGHER schedule this season, things are going to be a little HARDER for them but they have a GREAT core that is JUST getting started in the NFL. The Saints will RETURN to the Playoffs this season and it very well could be the LAST season for Drew Brees.

PREDICTED record for the Saints: 10-6

WINNING the NFC South: The Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons were on the OUTSIDE looking in going into the LAST week of the Regular Season but they managed to make it to the Divisional Round thanks to a DOMINATING performance by their offense in Week 17 and the Wild Card round. They were the odds on FAVORITE to WIN the NFC going into LAST season, but they NEVER played to their FULL form and ended up being the LAST team to make the Playoffs in the NFC, though they DID get a Playoff WIN. I think that LAST season was a FLUKE for the Falcons and they should RETURN to their DOMINATING form from 2016 when they were ONE quarter away from WINNING the Super Bowl.

PREDICTED record for the Falcons: 12-4

Well there is a look at the BEST division in football from LAST season, I have TWO teams making the Playoffs in the NFC South this season. We will look at their COUNTERPARTS in the AFC tomorrow as the MEGA preview of the 2018 season ROLLS ON.


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