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26 different previews of the series between the Yankees and the White Sox

EVERYTHING is seemingly FINE now

The New York Yankees had BOTCHED the LAST game of the series against the Miami Marlins, which WORRIED some Yankee fans, but they followed it up by WINNING four games in three days against the Baltimore Orioles, a team they have STRUGGLED against this season. While the Yankees were beating up on the Orioles, the Boston Red Sox, who are the BEST team in baseball, were getting SWEPT by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. When the Red Sox SWEPT the Yankees EARLIER this month, the Yankees had NO chance to WIN the AL East but going into today, they are SIX games back with SIX games still remaining between the Red Sox and the Yankees this season, so START dreaming.

Yankees- Orioles Series Recap:

Game 1- The Orioles are the WORST team in baseball, but were .500 against the Yankees, which is AMAZING for a team that has ALREADY given up on this season. They gave a GOOD fight on Friday Night to push the game to EXTRA innings but Neil Walker had a MONSTER Home Run to BREAK the Orioles.

Neil Walker walks it like he talks it 🔥

Walker’s Home Run gave the Yankees the lead and Luke Voit hit his SECOND Home Run in the game as the Yankees went to WIN the game 7-5, as Zach Britton got the SAVE in his FIRST game BACK in Camden Yards.

Game 2- The Yankees and the Orioles had TWO games on the docket for Saturday, one of them was a MAKEUP for a RAIN OUT back in May, after the double header on Saturday, the Yankees have now MADE UP all of their RAIN OUTS from this season. As far as the FIRST game on Saturday, it was in DOUBT early on but J.A. Happ CALMED down after the FIRST inning and got the WIN, he has been GREAT after joining the Yankees. Happ got the WIN thanks to Miguel Andujar, who has basically LOCKED up the AL Rookie of the Year crown.

The Yankees POURED on runs after the Andujar Home Run and went on to WIN the FIRST game of the double header, 10-3.

Game 3- The Yankees were in a “WAIT & SEE” situation for the starter in the SECOND game of the double header on Saturday and lined up Sonny Gray to pitch the game. Last time Gray made a start for the Yankees was ALSO against the Yankees and MANY people believe that game was the day the Yankees were ELIMINATED from AL East Contention.

As far as Saturday, Gray was PHENOMENAL pitching SIX shutout innings and got the WIN. The Yankee offense did NOT have a Home Run in the SECOND game of the day, but they had BIG situational hits to WIN the game 5-1. It got so BORING during the game on Saturday night that Didi Gregorius had to take it upon himself to add some EXCITEMENT to this game which was part of Players Weekend, where MLB players can choose the names on the BACK of their jerseys.

Game 4- Luis Severino has been TRASH since July 1, but he has seemed to turned the corner in last COUPLE of starts and he CONTINUED to head in the right direction last night by having a GOOD start against the Orioles and got his SEVENTEENTH win of the season which LEADS the MLB.

This weekend was a coming out party for Luke Voit, after hitting TWO home runs on Friday Night, Voit hit a BOMB last night to help the Yankees SWEEP the Orioles.

This weekend was GREAT for the Yankees and they might have found their SOLUTION at first base for the FORESEEABLE future. I think that Greg Bird is the Yankee first baseman of the future, but he has NOT been good this season and Voit is the BETTER option right now. The Yankees want Bird to be the Yankee first baseman, but Voit is the HOT right now and they should RIDE this wave right now.

NOT only did the Yankees find a SOLID option at FIRST base, they have made their games for the REST of the season more MEANINGFUL. Going into the weekend, the Yankees were in an AWKWARD spot, where they were a Postseason team but they had a big DEFICIT in the AL East standings and a big LEAD in the AL Wild Card standings. After this weekend, the Yankees are now just SIX games behind the Red Sox, which is STILL A LOT but they have a BETTER chance to catch the Red Sox right now then they did on Friday before the FIRST game of the series against the Orioles.

IF the Yankees want to catch the Red Sox, they need to CONTINUE beating up on BAD teams as they have LATELY and they have the opportunity to BEAT UP on TWO more BAD teams this week before going ACROSS the country to play teams that HOPE to play the Yankees in the Wild Card game.

Yankees- White Sox Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs Carlos Rodon

Game 2: Tuesday Night- Lance Lynn vs James Shields

Game 3: Wednesday Night- CC Sabathia vs Reynaldo Lopez

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