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Countdown to 2018 football season Day ONE: NFC West

I have been WAITING all year for football season

Editor’s Note: It is time to get ready for the football season and it is does not start without the mega kickoff preview from here, which starts today and the last blog of the mega preview will be on the first day of the NFL season.

The NFC West is the FIRST blog in this season’s preview and this is an INTRIGUING division as I think there will be MULTIPLE Playoff teams from the division. Last season, the Los Angeles Rams DOMINATED this division and were the THREE seed in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks were the PERENNIAL playoff team in this division, but they are on the DOWNFALL. Below is how I think this division is going to turn out.

Finishing in FOURTH place in the NFC West: The Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals enter the 2018-19 season with a NEW quarterback and head coach, GONE are the days of Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians leading the Cardinals, in comes Sam Bradford and Steve Wilks. The Cardinals drafted Josh Rosen so he should make his DEBUT soon and whenever you have a ROOKIE Head Coach AND quarterback, no matter how GOOD the defense can be, they are going to be TRASH and that is the case for the Cardinals in 2018-19.

PREDICTED record for the Cardinals: 6-10

Finishing in THIRD place in the NFC West: The Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are just FOUR years removed from winning the Super Bowl right here in New Jersey, but they have been on a STEEP decline over the past TWO seasons. Whenever you give the BIG bucks to your quarterback that has NEVER been successful without an ELITE running game, your team is going to SUFFER and that is the case for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is an AVERAGE quarterback but he is ABSORBING a BIG portion of the salary cap which has affected their defense, which was ONCE the BEST in the NFL. The ABSENCE in leadership of Richard Sherman is going to HURT the defense and they are going to be TRASH for the SECOND season in a row.

PREDICTED record for the Seahawks: 7-9

Finishing in SECOND place in the NFC West: The San Francisco 49ers

WHATEVER Kool-Aid the 49ers are selling, I am buying, because I am really HIGH on the 49ers this year thanks in LARGE part to Jimmy Garropolo. The 49ers had a GREAT end to their 2017 season and that is going to PROPEL them in the 2018 season. EVERY single NFL preview I have read has the 49ers making the Playoffs and I am going to CONTINUE that LAZY analysis and say that they are going to be Playoff team in 2018.

PREDICTED record for the 49ers: 12-4

WINNING the NFC West: The Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are BY FAR one of the ELITE teams in the NFL, their offense is GREAT and they made some BIG additions to their defense in the off season, which is going to help them have the BEST record in the NFC. The Rams have a MIX of OLD school, ground and pound and NEW school, HIGH speed passing, in their offense and they are one of the FEW teams in the NFL that I could see playing their LAST game of the season in Atlanta on the FIRST Sunday of February.

PREDICTED record for the Rams: 14-2

Well that was a look at the NFC West, I have the Rams taking the CROWN, for the SECOND season in a row, but the 49ers are NOT far behind them. I will have the AFC West preview tomorrow, so STAY TUNED.



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