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24 different previews of the series between the Yankees and the Devil Rays

Would have liked LAST night to have gone BETTER

The New York Yankees took on their cross town RIVALS, the New York Mets, in the Bronx to make up a RAINED OUT game from July. This game was the most IMPORTANT game of the season for the Mets and they played like that, for the Yankees it was just ANOTHER game in August and they played like that. There were some GLARING signs of DOOM for the Yankees last night, that NEED to get fixed before their series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, which starts tonight.

Subway Series Recap:

Jacob DeGrom is going to WIN the NL Cy Young award and last night was his LAST chance to showcase his campaign in front of a BIG crowd and despite NOT having his best stuff, he got the WIN over the Bronx Bombers. The Mets treated this game like the World Series and were AGGRESSIVE throughout the game and that is why they WON the game 8-5.

In June, Luis Severino was among the FAVORITES to WIN the AL Cy Young award but since July 1, he has been ONE of the WORST pitchers in baseball and that has been a PART of the PROBLEM for the Yankees. Sevy is EXTREMELY important to this team and they NEED him to CORRECT his stuff in time for the Postseason.

UNLESS if something DRASTIC happens, the Yankees are going to play in the AL Wild Card game and they will put out their BEST pitcher to pitch that game. Up UNTIL July 1, it would NOT have been a question that Sevy should get the ball for that game, but that is NO longer the case. The Yankees might have to line up Lance Lynn or J.A. Happ for that game if Sevy CANNOT correct himself over the next month and a half.

The Yankee offense was FINE last night, putting up FIVE runs against the LOWLY Mets, they were NOT intimidated by DeGrom which was the case EARLIER this season, when the two teams played in Citi Field. The pitching has been TERRIBLE at times lately, so the offense needs to KEEP their foot on the pedal and CARRY this team into the Postseason.

CC Sabathia has had knee PROBLEMS for a LONG time and the Yankees sent him to the DL yesterday to REST his knees. They have NOT announced who is going to REPLACE him in the rotation but it is PROBABLY going to be Chance Adams, who was GREAT in a SPOT start against the Red Sox. Adams is SCHEDULED to pitch in AAA on Friday and that lines up PERFECTLY for the Yankees.

Sabathia might NOT be the only pitcher that the Yankees DL this week, Sevy has been TRASH for a month and a half now and they NEED to FIX him ASAP, so I COULD see him being sent to the DL with elbow soreness. SOMETHING his changed for Sevy since he pitched against the Red Sox on July 1st and the Yankees NEED to FIGURE OUT what it is and FIX it, having him on the DL, will give them some time to FIX Sevy before the Postseason.

The Yankees take on the Devil Rays for THREE games in the Bronx starting tonight. The Devil Rays are the LAST team that the Yankees play in the month of August that is OVER .500, so the Yankees have A LOT of FLUFF games coming up, IF they can beat the Devil Rays this week.

Yankees- Devil Rays Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- J.A. Happ vs Hunter Wood

Game 2: Wednesday Night- Luis Cessa vs Bullpen Day

Game 3: Thursday Afternoon- Masahiro Tanaka vs Blake Snell

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