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I do NOT know why I was PANICKING

Just about ONE week ago today, EVERYTHING was going wrong in Yankeeland and today I come to you saying that EVERYTHING is GREAT in Yankeeland. The Bronx Bombers made up for the FOUR game SWEEP by the Boston Red Sox by winning SIX of their next SEVEN games. They will take on the New York Mets tonight, which is the most IMPORTANT game of the season for the Mets and JUST another game in August for the Bombers. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays come to the Bronx tomorrow, which is the LAST team that is OVER .500 that the Yankees play until the END of August.

Yankees- Rangers Series Recap:

Game 1- The Yankees were coming off a SWEEP of the White Sox in Chicago to take on the Texas Rangers, a team that has given them some TROUBLE in the past. J.A. Happ was making his FIRST start after RETURNING from the DL, and he was GREAT and got his SECOND win with the Yankees.

Yankee offense is HEAVILY RELIANT on Home Runs and they got the BIG hit in the FIRST inning thanks to Aaron Hicks.

Miguel Andujar and Giancarlo Stanton continued to RAKE with Home Runs and Neil Walker hit a Home Run from EACH side of the plate to help the Yankees COAST to a 7-3 WIN on Thursday night.

Game 2- Masahiro Tanaka has been GREAT while some of the other pitchers in the rotation have STRUGGLED and he got the ball on Friday Night, but he was TERRIBLE. He got the LOSS and had his WORST start in a COUPLE of months.

The Yankee bullpen is SUPPOSED to be the STRENGTH of this team, but they have been TRASH lately and DESPITE Tanaka SUCKING on Friday night, the offense made it close before the Bullpen IMPLODED and the Yankees LOST 12-7.

Game 3- Lance Lynn was brought to the Bronx, much to the CHAGRIN of Yankee fans and he has been GREAT. He took the mound on Saturday and he gave up just ONE run in the FIVE innings and looked like he was getting his SECOND Win as a Yankee but the Bullpen BLEW it AGAIN.

The Yankees were leading 3-1 in the SEVENTH inning before the Rangers came back to TIE the game, but Miguel Andujar continued his GREAT rookie campaign and showed the Yankees were RIGHT by NOT trading for Manny Machado.

EARLIER this season, it looked like Gleyber Torres was going to RUN away with the AL Rookie of the Year award, but Miggy has CAUGHT UP to Gleyber, and IF the season ENDED today, Miggy would be the AL Rookie of the Year and he is ONE of the CLUTCH players on the team.

Game 4- CC Sabathia was brought BACK to the Yankees to be a STUD that gave them FIVE shutdown innings, but he has NOT been great lately, but he was GREAT yesterday. He gave the Yankees SIX shutout innings and got the WIN for the Yankees.

Didi Gregoruis is ONE of the BEST players on the team and he is the AMONG the CLUTCH players in baseball. He was GREAT at shortstop yesterday and also hit a BIG Home Run to EXTEND the Yankee lead. The Yankees hit a TON of Home Runs and got a 7-2 WIN to take THREE games from the Rangers.

The Yankees WON the series against the Rangers but the BIGGEST observation of the series is Giancarlo Stanton. He was brought to the Yankees to MASH in Yankee Stadium and it took until August for him to get ADJUSTED and he has been the BEST player on the team in the ABSENCE of Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge. Stanton has homered in FIVE of the last SIX games and he is going to CONTINUE to be the BEST player on the team until Judge and Sanchez get HEALTHY.

Judge and Sanchez are EXTREMELY important for the success of the Yankees, but it looks like they are NOT going to be back with the Yankees until the END of August, so guys like Greg Bird and Neil Walker will need to STEP UP for the Bombers until they are FULLY healthy.

This is a STRANGE period for the Yankees as they are like TEN games out of FIRST place in the AL East and COMFORTABLY leading the FIRST Wild Card, so there is NO serious race that they are part of which is RARE for a team that is THIRTY games OVER .500 in August.

The New York Mets are the WORST organization in sports and tonight is the MOST important night for their season as they are playing their LAST meaningful game of the season. They are lining up their BEST player on the mound tonight and if they LOSE tonight, then they might FIRE everyone tomorrow.

Yankees- Mets Pitching Match up:

Tonight- Luis Severino vs Jacob DeGrom

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