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34 different weekend series previews between the Red Sox and the Yankees

It is an HONOR to see the World Series champions over the next FOUR days

The New York Yankees have the HONOR of playing the 2018 World Series champion, Boston Red Sox over the next FOUR days in Boston. The Yankees are currently the SECOND best team in baseball, so this is a BIG series for the Bronx Bombers. A STRONG showing this weekend may change the World Series champions, but I do NOT see the Yankees winning this series and DETHRONING the Red Sox from the 2018 World Series CROWN.

Over the last TWO days, the Yankees took on the Baltimore Orioles, the WORST team in baseball and it was a TERRIBLE showing. After winning the FIRST game of the series, they had their WORST loss of the season yesterday as it seemed they were EXCITED to see the World Series champions tonight.

Yankees- Orioles Series Recap:

Game 1- The Yankees would be RUNNING AWAY with the AL East if they BEAT UP on bad teams like the Orioles, so this series was BIG for the Bombers and Masahiro Tanaka got the ball rolling in the right way. He has been GREAT after his RETURN from the DL and he has to be the GO-TO pitcher for the rest of the season.

Miguel Andujar has been a GOD send for the Yankees and he LEADS all AL rookies in almost EVERY batting category and on Tuesday Night, he put the game AWAY.

The Yankee batting order came through on Tuesday night and the Bullpen was able to HOLD on and WIN the game 6-3.

Game 2- The Bombers had ONE more game left before heading to Boston to take on the World Series champions and it was their WORST game of the season. Sonny Gray took the mound and he was TRASH, giving up SEVEN runs in THREE innings. Gray had been turning the corner lately but he was TRASH yesterday and he is probably NOT going to make his next start after the Red Sox series.

Gray was NOT the only Yankee, who had a TERRIBLE game. Gleyber Torres has been the AL Rookie of the Year thus far this season and he had TWO home runs yesterday but he was LAZY on defense. The YES Network cameras picked up third base coach, Phil Nevin, who was INFAMOUS for the BRAWL the last time the Yankees were in Boston. Nevin was YELLING at the team and that has to WAKE UP the team going into the BIGGEST series of the season.

The Yankees were TERRIBLE yesterday and LOST the game 7-5. They are now 6-6 against the Orioles, while the World Series Champion, Red Sox are 10-2. The AL East deficit is FIVE and a half games right now, so if the Yankees had BEAT up on the Orioles then they COULD HAVE won the 2018 World Series.

There is some PREDICAMENT for the Yankees in the pitching rotation thanks to hand foot and mouth disease and Sonny Gray’s STRUGGLES. It was announced earlier today that J.A. Happ is going to MISS his start against the Red Sox, so the Yankees NEED a starter for this series and they could have gone to Lance Lynn, but he pitched yesterday in RELIEF of Gray so the Yankees are CALLING for HELP. Luis Cessa has been called up today and he is PROBABLY going to make the start on Saturday assuming NOTHING terrible happens over the next TWO days.

The Yankees are the ONLY team that have a WINNING record against the World Series Champions, so this series can be BIG for the Bronx Bombers. IF the Red Sox are to WIN this series, then they might as well have the World Series trophy celebration on the field on Sunday Night.

Yankees- Red Sox Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- CC Sabathia vs Brian Johnson

Game 2: Friday Night: Luis Severino vs Rick Porcello

Game 3: Saturday Late Afternoon: Luis Cessa vs Nathan Eovaldi

Game 4: Sunday Night: Masahiro Tanaka vs David Price

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