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This was NOT something I was looking forward to. The Yankees were COASTING to an EASY win and the Red Sox were LOSING and then all HELL broke LOOSE. Judge being OUT for the month of August is TERRIBLE for the Yankees but AT LEAST he is NOT out for the season.

This is TERRIBLE news for the Yankees on the heels of Gary Sanchez being OUT also. The Yankees take on the Red Sox next weekend and they will now be WITHOUT their BEST hitter so other players will need to RAISE their game and EARN some Pinstripes.

The contingency plan for his replacement is UNKNOWN right now because Clint Frazier is on the DL and the Yankees traded away Brandon Drury and Billy McKinney. This is a TOUGH test for the Yankees, if they go on a TAILSPIN than they might LOSE the division and will have to settle the Wild Card. IF the Yankees can go .500 in Judge’s ABSENCE then they might be able to SAVE this season and NOT settle for the Wild Card.

This was NOT something we wanted on a LAZY summer night but it could have been A LOT worse. The Yankees are going to be FINE for the rest of the season, but this is still TERRIBLE but I am still #NotWorried.



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