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34 different previews of the weekend series between the Royals and the Yankees


We are in the LAST weekend of July, which means the DOG days of Summer are right AROUND the corner, but for the New York Yankees they CANNOT afford to be STINKY in August. The Yankees played in Tampa Bay over the last THREE days and it has turned into HELL for them. They have won only ONE game there all season and they play their PENULTIMATE series of the season in Tampa Bay so It is NOT what you want. Over the next SEVEN days, the Yankees take on TWO of the WORST teams in baseball, so they should be able to RIGHT the ship before taking on the Boston Red Sox.

Yankees- Devil Rays Series Recap:

Game 1- After SPLITTING the Subway Series, the Yankees needed a STRONG showing Tampa Bay against the Devil Rays to make up some ground in the standings. They had lined up their ACE, Luis Severino to pitch the FIRST game of the series and he was NOT up to his USUAL form and got the LOSS, but NOBODY cared about his start thanks to Gary Sanchez, who took the SPOTLIGHT of the game.

Sanchie has been known as a LAZY player but he is so TALENTED that it was NOT issue but he has been HURT this season and the times that he has been playing, he has been TRASH so he could NOT afford to be LAZY. In the FIRST inning of the game on Monday night, he took his time to get a PASSED ball and a runner scored from SECOND base despite the ball being only TWENTY feet away from Home Plate, but that was NOT his only blunder of the game.

The Yankee offense had kept the game close and brought it to within ONE run in the NINTH inning and they had the Bases LOADED for Aaron Hicks and Sanchie. Hicks did NOTHING with his at-bat so Gary had a chance to REDEEM himself from the earlier BLUNDER and be the HERO, but instead he HURT the Yankees even more. He hit a SOFT grounder in the infield and the Devil Rays could NOT get the out of SECOND base so it seemed like the Yankees had scored the Game Tying run, but INSTEAD it was the FINAL out of the game. Sanchie was LAZY once again and did NOT run HARD out of the batters box and despite NOT getting the out at SECOND, the Devil Rays threw to FIRST base and got Sanchie OUT to END the game.

Monday night was the WORST game of Gary’s young career and MOST Yankee fan have TURNED on him and want him GONE. I am still #TeamGary but it has become really HARD for me to DEFEND him.

Game 2- After a TERRIBLE game on Monday night, the Yankees needed a BIG game on Tuesday night and Masahiro Tanaka made sure that the Yankees went home HAPPY on Tuesday night.

Tanaka was GREAT in the playoffs last year, many believe that he put his FULL effort in the Postseason last year and is HOLDING BACK right now to further INJURE his elbow once AGAIN this season. If Tanaka can give the EXACT same effort that he did on Tuesday night for the REST of the season, than the Yankees will be DELIGHTED.

The big 4-0 WIN in which THREE of the runners were scored on OUTS, was NOT the only thing going GREAT for the Bronx Bombers, they were able to lock up one of the BIGGEST pieces on the trading block, but more on that LATER.

Game 3- The Yankees had SPLIT the first two games of the series and wanted to LEAVE Tampa Bay with a series win and had the EARLY 1-0 lead. Luis Cessa took the mound for the Yankees and he gave up only TWO runs in FIVE plus innings but the Yankee offense was TERRIBLE so he was charged with the loss. The Yankees pulled to within 3-2 but could NOT get the game TYING run in the NINTH inning and LOST the game to lose ANOTHER series against the Devil Rays.

The Devil Rays are in THIRD place in the AL East but they are THIRTEEN games behind the Yankees so LOSING this series is TERRIBLE for the Yankees. In fact, the last TWO series that the Yankees have LOST have come against the Devil Rays and the Yankees NEED to fix their woes against them or else they will NOT be able to catch the Boston Red Sox.

This series is going to stick out as the Gary Sanchez series due to his LAZINESS on Monday night. After the game, he said that he had RE AGGRAVATED his injury in the FIRST inning but he still played the WHOLE game so I am NOT buying his EXCUSE. IF he was in fact hurt than there is NO reason for him to play the ENTIRE game and there is NO excuse for him NOT running HARD to first base with the game on the line. He was put on the DL again after the game and it seems like that he is going to be OUT until September so in #RISPRomine we trust.

Things could NOT get WORSE for Gary but they did on Tuesday morning when MLB SURPRISINGLY announced the Heart and Hustle award recipients for EACH team and OF COURSE the Yankees’ recipient was Austin Romine. #NotGreat

This is the Yankees’ LAST series before the Trade Deadline and they NEED to find a starting pitcher over these next FIVE days. Luis Cessa made the SPOT start this week but he is NOT a long term option for the Yankees. There has been some RUMORS about the Yankees acquiring J.A. Happ from the Toronto Blue Jays. Even though he is NOT a JUICY name he is among the better options on the trading block and the Yankees NEED to find a starter, so Happ might be their ONLY option.

Amid a TON of RUMORS at the trade deadline, the Yankees did FINALIZE a trade on Tuesday Night.

Adding Britton is HUGE for this team even though it is just ADDING to an EXISTING strength on the team. With Britton in the mix, the Yankees have created a GREAT bullpen that only needs the starting pitcher to go FOUR innings and then the Bullpen will take care of it. Britton is a GREAT closer but he will be the setup guy on the Yankees and he has NOT been having a great year so the Yankees did NOT have to King’s Ransom for him. The pitchers that they gave up are GOOD but they were NEVER going to make the Yankees roster and would be RELEASED due to the Rule 5 draft, so this was a SMART deal for the Yankees.

The Britton ACQUISITION is a BIG one but it CANNOT be the ONLY trade for the Yankees at the deadline. They NEED to find a starting pitcher and I will be SHOCKED and DISAPPOINTED if they are NOT able to get a starting pitcher over the next FIVE days before the trade deadline on Tuesday afternoon.

The Yankees take on the Kansas City Royals this weekend, who are among the WORST teams in baseball, which has been a WEAKNESS for the Yankees. The Bombers have one of the WORST records in baseball against Teams that are UNDER .500 but they need to FIGURE it OUT as their next SIX games are against really BAD teams before taking on the BEST team in baseball next weekend.

Yankees- Royals Pitching Match ups:

Game 1: Tonight- Sonny Gray vs Jakob Junis

Game 2: Friday night- CC Sabathia vs Brad Keller

Game 3: Saturday Afternoon- Luis Severino vs Heath Fillmyer

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon- Masahiro Tanaka vs Burch Smith

UPDATE: Turns out AS I was writing this blog, Brian Cashman was up to his OLD tricks and closed ANOTHER deal on me.

SO the shoe has DROPPED on the Happ deal and as I said earlier in the blog, I do NOT hate acquiring Happ as he is only here for the rest of the season and they did NOT give up a King’s Ransom this time around. After making TWO big trades, the Yankees still have their BEST prospects on their team so this is a GOOD trade for the Yankees.

Drury and McKinney played in the FIRST series of the season which was in Toronto against the Blue Jays but BOTH gut hurt in that series and missed EXTENSIVE time. NEITHER of those players were going to get CONSISTENT playing time on the Yankees due to the TON of GREAT talent that the Yankees have, now they will be able to FLOURISH North of the Border.



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